Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring's Buzzing Trees!

This was the View of the front yard and his
flowering Yoshino cherry last Saturday evening...
And this is his beautiful flowering Yoshino cherry tree tonight!
It is Spectacular! And...
It's Buzzing!
There is no breeze and yet, these Branches above me are
waving to and fro against a constant Bombardment of very busy
bees. I see little bees, medium bees and big Fat bumblers!
This weeping dwarf Cherry next to the yoshino is all a-buzz too!
I don't care much for this magnolia... Except in Spring!
The flowering Crabapple by the driveway is about to burst! And, I
suspect it'll take all of Five seconds for the bees to find it when it does!
Spring is here and I couldn't be happier about it! How about you?


  1. It's all just GORGEOUS!!! we have nothing blooming in our yard until I buy hostas are coming up....and I have some bulbs that I need to move because the last 2 years the green leaves come up and get huge, but no blooms ever come up.....I don't even remember what they are, I know some are iris's....

  2. What a beautiful property! I'm waiting to see how our magnolia does this year as we just landscaped last Spring/Summer. Your grass is sooo green, I'm now very anxious for the warm weather.

  3. Beautiful! And how wonderful that you have tons of bees. I do love watching the crabapple trees in bloom.

  4. Don't you just love spring! The Azaleas are about to open up here. I can't wait :)

  5. Hi! It will be a while before we see blossoms like this... but we're getting there... How beautiful ... and for Easter!
    Ours will be here closer to Mother's Day!
    Blessings each day and always ~ Maria
    ps. I made a little "homemade" badge for your blog ... I put it in my side bar to remind me to stop over. For some reason, your link stays at the bottom of my blog roll and I don't see it update. But now, it's near the top!

  6. I love the pics u posted about Spring here absolutely beautiful n delightful:-)))

  7. Oh, you are making me miss the cherry tree we had in our yard in Alabama! Nothing here flowers like that. So beautiful!

  8. I'm so jealous. I saw one blooming tree in my entire town today. No self respecting bees were out and about either. Still too chilly here. Enjoy your Spring! :)

  9. Good morning!
    I'm just stopping back over to tell you I read all about your fabulous tips for making iced sugar cookies over at Teresa {Blooming on Bainbridge}!
    What a fun post it is, and THANK YOU for all the tips you passed along!
    Amanda and I will be "attempting" to make them for Rachael's wedding shower next month!

  10. That close up pic of the white blossoms on the tree is so pretty and bright and SPRING! love it!


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