Sunday, June 28, 2009

3,700 shows, and Counting!

It's been a Blurry few days since dad's Successful bypass surgery. Made blurrier by being 3,318 miles from his front door, of course. Despite what's been going on in my Heart and in my head about him, I've managed to move through the Hours and do what my dad asked me to do instead of Catching that 6AM flight out of Raleigh on Tuesday.... Stay put, go to work and do, My thing.

So on Friday, between my calling Mom and taking her calls to Update us - and by the way, Mom's doing an amazing job, staying Strong and being dad's rock - Terry and I did see America. Without the Airstream...

Honestly, we planned Not to go. I was fine just letting the Ticket price be our donation to the North Carolina Children's Home society this year since they put on the show. We didn't change our minds until two Hours after the show began - after staring at the walls and Worrying about dad began to take its toll. This, as it turned out, was our best Decision about the event since just as we arrived, the sky opened up and Cleared the stage and the park. Since our little camping loveseat was completely dry and my massive golf Umbrella I always have in the truck promised to keep us that way, we stepped right up to a spot front and center of the stage, and waited out the storm. After it passed, we Found ourselves with the Best spot at the show! After the tarps were removed from the Equipment and the stage was dried, America put on a show that was well Worth waiting for!

America, the band, puts on 100 shows each year. What is perhaps
more Impressive is that they've done this for Thirty-seven years!

I hope you'll Enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them

And now, a little of my Favorite America song. Just for you...

Soggy beginning...

... to what turned out to be a Great show!

Fortunately, we arrived Late and therefore, quite prepared

Unlike others. Such as this Couple underneath their garbage can liner

Or this trio huddled together Underneath a blanket acting more like
a Coffee filter. And, we were certainly better equipped than the
woman you see there on the right Seeking shelter under the hedge!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yea, Dad!
aka, Superman

Sunday, June 21, 2009

While his Cake bakes...

While his Father's Day cake bakes, we're taking a Spin around
the garden. The first thing I notice is the Cucumber going crazy!
I sliced up the one he brought in Last night for our sandwiches this
afternoon. And, there are probably a Dozen more that will be ready soon!
The fence around our raised bed Veg-garden this year is a turn-
off but without it, there would be no produce produced! Between the
cute Raccoons and the sweet deer, our garden doesn't stand a chance!
Down at the pond...
... the Ferns are giant and the water plants and Hostas are blooming!
The moss on this Birdbath has taken off
with all the Rain we've had lately...
I (much) prefer Mophead hydrangeas but the man I love keeps planting
these Lacecap hydrangeas instead. There is one beautiful Mophead in the
garden for me. One. But I'm working on him... Because I never give up!
Now, this lacecap Hydrangea by the pool equipment
house is a beautiful pink/Purple color, and I do like it!
The Japanese magnolia in the front yard is about to Bloom
Coming around to the back yard again, we see our duck-Trio is here for lunch!
That was quick! They've left plenty for the Deer I know will be by later
Off to the Creek they go! 1 waddle-waddle, 2 Waddle-waddle, 3 waddle-waddle
Thanks for stopping by. See you again Real soon!
My strawberry Bundt cake is done so it's Time to break out all those Doilies
I picked up at Cake Art in Georgia. But not these, they're way too small!
Fortunately, I have no shortage of Cake stands to work
with so these Small ones won't go to waste!
Now, this size is Perfect for today...
I intended to stay Put today but I can't call this Yummy cake complete
without adding fresh Strawberries and whipped topping to finish... So I
may have to make a quick Trip to the market. But first, it's Pool time!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Feast your Eyes!

Suddenly, and kinda without trying, my Plate rack is almost
full of Fire King Jade-ite! As Martha would say, It's a Good Thing!

I love Summer hours at Hanes and having Fridays off. Especially
on Fridays when my mail lady brings me packages like this one!

How sweet is seller-Karen's note? God Bless, dear, she says...
I say, He has. God blessed me with her beautiful and Perfect jade-ite!

As soon as the Closet doors were back up in William's old room this morning I
began the task of organizing all of the closets Upstairs. I filled six huge Leaf bags
full of stuff that just Needed to go... Everything else is exactly where it belongs. It just
feels Amazing to be rid of the Clutter. Honestly, my duvet collection was Out of control!  

Look! The new Door is up, which means project, convert-Empty-bedroom
is complete! I love the new door style I selected and the sweet man I married
even went the extra mile to replace all the old Brass hinges (on all 7 new doors!)
with new brushed nickel ones to match the Door knobs. He doesn't miss a trick! Huh?

Look, Mom...

... No Hair!

William just stopped by to show us his New haircut!
I like it... I'm sure I'll find words as soon as the Shock wears off...

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Last weekend, I saw these in an antique shop in Statesville. I wanted
them. Actually, I want a Stack of them! But in Statesville they were not
Perfect. And, they were marked $41. Each! Which I find just silly! So I passed...
Good thing I did too. Why? Because I was able to pick Up two perfect Fire King Charm
luncheon plates through e-Bay for just $39. Two for one little price. And, these come to
me from a really nice seller in Kansas too. So... Two down. Only twenty-eight to go!     

Charmed. For sure!

Until I can get a Spot cleared for them in my kitchen
cabinet, (and until I have More) this will just have to do!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Graduate!

Here is your Grandson, all graduated from High School now. He had to work
on Saturday so we did his Mellow Mushroom dinner tonight. I brought along the
package of Goodies and the check you sent for him. He especially likes the Monkey!

This is what every Conservative mom that voted for the First time in
1984 wants... Her child to graduate from Ronald W. Reagan High School

William's class is the First class to finish all Four
years at this Beautiful new high school

Seeing William with the graduation Monkey you sent reminded
me of the graduation Monkey you gave me so many years ago...

There are many days I cannot find my Keys but there's never been
a day in Twenty-five years I didn't know where this Monkey was

I slipped!

Before I share my Slip with you... Take a look at this!
This is why I need to buy Stock in Clorox wipes immediately

Bing knows this trick Drives me crazy. It's probably Payback for locking
him in the house and out of the Solarium while I'm away at work

So here is the slip. I Confess... I went back to Seller-Steve for a few
more Fire King jade-ite restaurantware chili bowls, and They're here!

Yes. I do think I have enough bowls! Now it's time
to Concentrate on plates. I'm thinking Charm...

I may need to Consider clearing out another cabinet though
because, the Truth is, there are a few More pieces coming!

Awww, Look! Someone added Roses today to the
hydrangeas he brought me from the Garden last weekend

Come on, Bing. Let's call Wednesday a wrap and go Snuggle...
Besides, your Butt really does need to come off my counter tops now!