Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Evening Garden Stroll

It was a Beautiful spring day today. And now, it's time
for our evening Sunset stroll around the gardens
It didn't photograph well but the Rose along
the fence is coming back in a big way!
Kinda like the Calla Lilies by the front door. Every day he reminds
me to leave them alone. He knows I'd love to have them in a vase!
The flowering trees are Amazing this time of year!
I cannot wait for the Japanese maple to come
back. Only then will the front yard will be complete!
Around the house and through the Wisteria arbor, we find the back
yard! Now two weeks ago I was complaining about the mess he made out
of the yard while he was coring, adding top soil, Seed and fertilizing...
I'm not Complaining any more! But I am eager for the Trees to
flush so they will Hide the house on the hill. We own the property
right up to their back door but Rarely do we wander up that far
We prefer to stay down here... In the park we've created for ourselves!
Of course, by we, I mean him and the Mouse in my pocket...
Because we all know that the extent of my Effort
for the success of his gardens is to Enjoy them!
Which works out well for Both of us!
These Daffodils are my favorites!
But I'm fond of all his Garden bloomers!
Every bloomer!
And every blade of grass!
Springtime is worth its weight in Gold to me!
It's beginning to get Chilly now so we need to hurry up our stroll
Tomorrow it will rain. Which is great news for
all new tulips I'm about to have! In vases...
I can hear him calling me a Flower murderer already!
But that's okay. I can handle it... 
And he'll get Over it!
Okay... Time to pop inside to make dinner and Watch a movie!
Good night, Garden!
Oh! Before I forget... I found these darling little pot
mushrooms at Target this afternoon. They're So cute!
Good Spring Night!


  1. thanks for the stroll Janet......your yard and gardens are BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. So beautiful and serene. You and hubby have exquisite taste in everything.

  3. I've got a mouse in my pocket too :-)

    Your lawn is gorgeous! Tell Terry he's doing a wonderful job and ask if he's interested in heading to Texas. I've got half an acre he can work with. YES?


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