Sunday, November 29, 2009

I hate saying Good-bye!

His GTI is highway wrapped, which can only mean One thing...

Brandon's Thanksgiving leave home has come to an end...

So we have to give him back!
Yes. It sucks!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bing's been pretty Happy to have Brandon home!

And, it's not just all the Treats he wouldn't otherwise get...

It's also about the Conversation...

And the snuggling and the Tickles behind his ears too!

Brandon's been doing this at Christmas since before he was a year old...

Although it has been a long while since we've
had to Lift him up to the top of the tree

Merry Christmas, Army Ranger... We'll miss you
the very minute you leave Home tomorrow morning!

Christmas won't be the same without you here. Just
know you're always with us... No matter what!

Christmas comes a bit Early!

Tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent...

And we're Ready for it!

Since Brandon won't be home for Christmas this year
we decided to Decorate a bit early - while he's here!

Out in the solarium this morning, Bing
and I decorated the little Critter trees

All the animals that live in our Forest are here... Plus
one polar bear. He was too Cute not to include!

The bunny is my favorite!

I think Bing's favorite is probably the little mousie!

He's probably thinking, Drat, there goes my sunny spot on the ledge!

There's always the Table top though!

Bing seems to be able to nap in any Sunny spot

While baking cookies I noticed from the Kitchen window that...

Clark W. Griswold seems to be Busy decorating our
back yard with the Peanuts gang. I see a Nativity...

And Snoopy down by the koi pond...

Hanging out by the Japanese maple on his mailbox

And over by the Woodshed on his dog house with his
pal, Woodstock. Now I can't wait for the sun to go down!

Pretty soon it'll be time for Brandon to put the angel on the tree!

And then it'll officially be the Christmas season!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

a little Thanksgiving message...

Before I began prepping for our Feast, I finished my place-card
cookies for the table. I've never Written on an iced cookie before...

Turns out, there's Nothing to it! Kinda funny how writing
with Icing looks nothing like your handwriting though!

Out to the Table we go! We have William

And Brandon!

So cute!

and, Miss. Heather too!


I think I might just be able to talk myself
into doing Cookie place-cards again!

I just heard a Timer go off...

Which means the Turkey is done!

Brandon grabbed my service Platter and said, I've got my plate!

This is where hours and hours of Cooking disappears
in 20 minutes... It's time to call Everyone to the table!

There's William! And he said he's ready to eat!

Looks like everyone Found their cookie places!

And I will have your Cookies in the mail to you tomorrow...
Happy Thanksgiving - we Love and miss you!

They're Home!!

Our Ranger is home! Finally... 
All is right in the World again!

And he brought his sweet Alabama girl too! Speaking of sweet...

Time to ice my Pumpkin cookie table place cards...

Saw them in a magazine last Week and thought it was a cute idea

You know I have a Weakness for cute!

It's how I ended up Married at nineteen!

Funny how quickly this goes when you're Decorating
just fourteen cookies instead of four dozen!

Done! Tomorrow I'll finish them off with stems,
and Hopefully they'll look like Pumpkin placecards!

Okay... It's midnight, there are beds to Turn down and rest to be had. Hey! It's
midnight. That means it's officially Thanksgiving! So Happy Thanksgiving!