Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The evening before...

While they are on their way... The napkins and table Runner have
been pressed, the candles set and the serving platters washed  

And, someone has already been Cooking
too! No... not me! Ruth's Chris, silly!

This year I'm letting them supply the Corn pudding and sweet
potato casserole to our table. Because every time we dine at Ruth's,
he can't stop talking about them. And if this makes him happy then
I'm happy too. Besides, two less sides to prepare means More time
with our guests for me! And that, well... that makes me Very happy!

Speaking of our Guests... I couldn't help but pick up a Few things for them
at the Polo sale at work yesterday. I love, (love!) Polo sample sale days at
Hanes! That red and black Robe was a must-have since they are 3rd battalion
colors! Before he became a Ranger, Brandon was all about the Polo!

No reason that has to change. Right?

No reason at all!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Baking and Decorating

After the hockey game last night we were so Wiped out, neither of
us wanted to stop for Dinner... And, since we knew we had to
be up early this morning, I promised that if we could just
come home and Fall into bed, I would be agreeable to
taking him out for Breakfast at his favorite place

You know his Favorite place... The place with the big fireplace
and Gift shop to browse while you wait for your table...
I've never found anything I couldn't Live without
there, (including their Food); but this morning
was a little different because I found these
edible Snowflake decorations I had to have!

I made a Deal with him... I told him if he agreed to bring the banister
decorations in, I would bake his favorite Chocolate cupcakes

We never Decorate for the holidays this early... However, this year
is different. Why? Because we're part of the Army again, and we've
just learned that our Ranger will not have leave for Christmas

So while he's home this week for Thanksgiving we will celebrate
both Thanksgiving and include him and his Girl in the usual preparations
for Christmas we've enjoyed together as a family since the day he was
born. Please don't get me started on how Unhappy it makes me to think
about even another day, let alone, Christmas without Brandon here...
 And please understand when I tell you that I am doing my best NOT
to think about the fact that the reason he cannot come home for
Christmas is because the leave is being saved for March so he
can spend a full two weeks at home before he... Nope. Not
going to say it. Saying it makes it real. And, it's not real!

So I'm baking some Thanksgiving cookies. The
plan is to decorate them with names and use
them as place cards at our Thanksgiving table

I've also decided not to use the Thanksgiving china this year. I'm going to set
our table the way I usually do for the Christmas Eve meal instead. Maybe I'll
use the Thanksgiving china to serve leftovers the day after Thanksgiving. We'll
see. By the way... I found this cute little Christmas tree at an Antique shop
we stopped at on the way home from breakfast today. I've always wanted
one and when I saw this one had Birds on it, I knew it was the one for me! 

I'm trying not to pout... Really I am. Besides, I learned a
long time ago that pouting never works with the Army

Okay! His cupcakes are done and I think a little icy-Blue
frosting is just what my edible Snowflake decorations need

They're just too cute!

You know what they taste like? Communion wafers!

Sweet communion wafers!

I'll need more of these Edible snowflakes!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I get to shop for Thanksgiving twice!

If you're like me, and you own the Kitchenaid Superba, model #KSRS25FK refrigerator and it stops working the week before Thanksgiving, you get to shop for Groceries twice! All that Fun aside...

This morning as I left for work, I stopped in the kitchen with the intention of grabbing a couple of Salmon filets from the freezer to thaw in the refrigerator for dinner. However, as I opened the freezer door, I was greeted by a flush of water that spilled down the front of my skirt instead!

Immediately, I notice the freezer air smelled warm and I saw that the gush of water came from the Ice bin in the door where all the ice was melted since the freezer QUIT working! Yesterday? The day before? I can't be sure since we've had salads and panini sandwiches for dinner all week. So it's been a while since I've been into the freezer... Mainly because I already know we're out of Ice cream! Any way, when I opened the refrigerator door to check it, I noticed things in there weren't very cold either... Drat! Drat! Double-Drat!

Who has time for this Crap right before work? Not me! I was lucky to remember to grab the salmon... So I left Mr. B to throw down bath towels on the floor and to dial the appliance repairman while I changed my clothes and FINALLY got out the door to work.

This so completely Ticks me off because with this failure of our Kitchenaid refrigerator... It means that now, ALL of our Kitchenaid appliances have broken down since we bought them new! You know about me and my, (some say too many) Kitchenaid stand mixers... So when I had the opportunity to remodel a kitchen and pick out all New appliances I thought Kitchenaid first.

And, what did I get for my choice? First, the microwave was Recalled five minutes after it was delivered and installed. Then, the dishwasher broke three times in six months and after its warranty expired, the handle latch broke a second time. The stove needed an ignition switch for one of the gas burners that quit working three months after it was slid into place, and a year after that, the glass panel under the burner knobs shattered for no apparent reason. Well, except that the technician said it must have been, "Under stress." Aw, Poor baby! Fortunately, all those major repairs occurred during the warranty periods. But now... Waaaay outside of warranty, the refrigerator goes kaput!

So I called Bobby Teague appliances in Winston-Salem on my way to work and asked the nice lady there to fax over the receipt on the refrigerator. Then I called Kitchenaid.

Long story short, I was ready for a fight! But instead, I was connected to an amazing lady there named Mia, who looked up my Superba side-by-side refrigerator and told me, almost immediately, that today's service charge, plus all Costs for labor and parts to repair my refrigerator as well as any spoilage, is covered! Why? Because, she said, there is a documented, "Quality issue" for this model. And, since our hardwood floor got wet overnight because water was draining from the ice bin through the door dispenser, Mia said she'll also be sending us a Claim form in case there is any permanent damage. So... Yea!

Totally restores my faith in Kitchenaid!

I wouldn't normally mention this kind of trivial frustration; however, since there might be others experiencing this same issue I've decided to post it as sort of an on-line item of public service... I mean, some people just decide the appliance is out of Warranty and never call the manufacturer. Clearly, I'm not one of those people.

Besides, it's been while since I've shared a tid-bit of the Petty Grievance variety - so I guess we were due!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Martha + Macy*s + Sale = Perfection!

Have you heard about Macy*s 2-day One day sale? Kinda funny, but they are having
their One-day biggest sale of the season (sure to be Followed by another, I'm sure)
this week with a pre-view of the biggest sale happening tomorrow, today! Got
all that? Whatever the mumbo-Jumbo terms of sale, the bottom line is that
the Martha Stewart cupcake and Cookie carrier was part of it, and I
finally got one. Yes, I know I already have a cupcake and sheet
cake Carrier, but it only holds 12 cupcakes... 

See? Twelve. Who only takes 1/2 of a batch of Cupcakes anywhere?
This is great for cake transport. But cupcakes... Not so much

This, however, is Perfect! Not only is it more compact
and easier to carry... It also holds 24 full size cupcakes

Use it to carry cookies or just 12-cupcakes... But snap it all together
and, wa-La! This puppy carries Lots of cookies or all your cupcakes!

Tonight feels like a quick Panini and bowl of soup dinner night!

Every time I use my Wolfgang Puck panini/griddle and
waffle maker I always wonder why I don't use it more often 

It makes the Best panini!

Ham and baby Swiss for him...

and turkey Provolone for me!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chocolate chip Heath toffee cookies

When it's the 3rd quarter and the Cowboys are breaking
your heart, the only thing left to do is go Bake cookies!

And only a repeat of the Ghiradelli chocolate
chip cookies I made last weekend will do!

Except this week...

I'm adding a little Something-something!

Something Heath Toffee!

Because ooey-Gooey, sticky toffee is about the only
thing that could make these cookies any better. As
for my Cowboys... There's always next Sunday!
(click to enlarge Toffee bits)

Fall... The end!

It's official... Fall has met its end!
I always know it's the end when the Japanese maples catch fire!
And, everywhere I look, they're afire!
I can't wait for this new one to Grow up!
So if this is the end of Fall, and clearly, the trees say so... Then
why the heck is it Seventy-five degrees in the middle of November?
Truthfully, it feels more like the Beginning of summer today. Not.
Good. When we moved here I was promised Four seasons... So I
want my Winter too. All I can say is that winter better Hurry up!  
Because this girl is ready for a little Snow. Or a lot!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

MGB auction day!

Attending the auction in Pinnacle today was a whole lot of fun! This MGB
being auctioned as part of the deceased Estate brought out many
interesting and colorful MGB collectors and enthusiasts. Like me!
It was fun chatting about our MG experiences. Of course, I was
the only one in the Bunch that ever had their MGB stolen! 

This one Ruined it for every one... Especially the estate! Because why
would you bid on a major Project after you meet this guy who tells you
he picked this one up through e-Bay, located in California, (no Rust!!)
and had it shipped home to North Carolina for less than $5k. Hell! He
paid less, ($800) to ship this one from California than I paid, ($1,500)
to ship mine from California to Virginia twenty three years ago! 

And this one is Perfect... Which just happens to be my middle name!

This isn't the 1980 Limited Edition like mine, (or the one up for auction) - this
one is a 1979-B; however, seeing this one and hearing the guy give his opinion
about how very difficult and Expensive it would be to bring the auction project
back to where I'd need it to be to be happy, I decided to pass on bidding. In case
you're wondering, the winning bid on the MGB project was $3,800.00 and every
one of the MGB collectors/enthusiasts there agreed that the poor guy way-Over paid
considering the amount of money/Work  it needs. We learned from the auctioneer
that the Engine is seized up and when he lifted the carpeting on the floor, you could
see straight through to the ground. Clearly, not the MGB for me. Mine is out there
though... And when I finally find it, I imagine it will look something like this!

After the auction in Pinnacle we drove over to Wilksboro for the
monthly Gallery auction put on by Great State Auction. We enjoy
their auctions a lot, the prices are always Terrific, and the people,
both the Customers and auction staff there are always entertaining!

I picked up this Ironstone pudding mold from 1860. I don't know
why... There was just something about it I couldn't ignore

Maybe it's the fact that it's in perfect Condition for something that's
survived the last 150-years. Or maybe it was the Low, low price?
Who knows... But it might just Inspire me to make a pudding!

Remember that Cake stand addiction I confessed to? Well, this
America Fostoria in mint condition was just the hit I needed today! 

I love it!

This piece of Irish crystal was practically
free, so I invited it home with me. It's a Sparkler!

So do tell... What did you find today?