Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Not quite Spring yet!

Just a few days ago Spring was in the air...

Today... Spring is most definitely on pause!

This is what our Weather man said would be
a, No accumulation snow event for today

While all that snow is busy Not accumulating outside, I'm going to get busy preparing
for my cookie Class tomorrow evening. You see, I'm often asked about how to bake
and decorate my sugar cookies, and since I already planned to make Shamrock cookies
for Mr. B's Master Gardening group this week, I offered to give a little class for a
few of the ladies I work with! This prep work now will Allow me to have the
necessary, Swap-outs, as they say in the Food TV biz, during my class!

Of course, none of the Success I've had baking and decorating sugar cookies
would be possible without everything I learned reading Bridget's Blog

And, these Shamrock cookies would never have been possible
without the kindness of my blogging-buddy, Diane, who
went out of her way to Send me this cookie cutter!


  1. They look wonderful!
    Oh how I wish I were there-I can almost smell the yumminess.
    You are great!

  2. Looks like your cookie cutter made it to you just in time then, huh?

    You're turning into a cooking making pro! You're giving demos?! You're awesome. No question.

    I just wish I were going to be there!

  3. Janet....when can I come and spend the weekend with you!!!?
    Do you know how bad I would adore coming to your house for COOKING SCHOOL???!!!
    I know i would want you to teach me to make that dish with clams you made not long ago!!!
    I think it was clams...or was it?
    Anyhow...first of all...I just can't believe you are getting that much SNOW!!!!
    Have you made snow icecream yet?
    I grew up on that stuff! Mmmmm!
    Now...about that little cozy area way back in your backyard by the woods...OH HOW I LOVE THAT area!!!!
    I know you all have some great times sitting out there...and I bet you see some great wildlife! my parents were watching deer in their backyard (woods) when I spoke with them a bit ago.
    Now...let's talk cookies!!!
    How lucky are those girls coming over for a PRIVATE cookie decorating lesson! No fair!!!!!!
    Where do I fly into when I visit?
    Those Shamrocks look fab!
    How on earth do you and Bridget get the cookies so even when you roll them out...I know there just has to be a trick!!!!
    I can't tell you how much I was STUDYING that picture with all of your ingredients!
    You have THE BEST kitchen!!!!
    So many great supplies!!!!
    I saw all of those wooden spoons and spatualas!!
    And do you know how bad I want a Kitchen Aid upright mixer!!! That's my next big purchase! ;o)
    Now...about the INCREDIBLE little package I received today all the way from across the country!!!!
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
    Oh how my heart did sing when that package got put in my hands!
    Doogan was sure it was for him!!!
    I have it all laid out for Greg to see when he gets home!
    And you should have seen Doogan run over to me when I opened the card and started dancing a southern girls jig!!!!
    He was raring up...so wanting in on the HAPPY action!
    Janet...I do believe you are one of those ANGELS that come along so unexpectedly....thank you for landing in my little world. I am very blessed to know you.
    I'm just so delighted to be your friend and to be cared about by you. You are so very special! Your boys...are sooooooo lucky to have you to spoil them! I just know you do! xxooxx
    Can't wait to hear how the cookie class goes...take pics!

  4. WOW those are some BIG cookies! they look fantastic!!!

    Diane is such a sweetie to send the cookie cutter!!! What fun your class will be!!

    .....don't Teresa's comments always put a smile on your face? ♥


  5. Good morning! A quick note before i leave for school :)
    I am with Teresa for her wish list! Baking cookies? I'm there!!!
    They are perfect...
    It's a miracle day when my cut-outs come that clean ~
    Better tell Teresa about the Kitchen Aid giveaway at Foodie Friday!

    Have a sweet day!
    Blessings ~ Maria

  6. It always makes my day to see a comment from Teresa....even if it isn't for me! :) This is a good group here...I wish we ALL lived close so we could decorate cookies together!!!

    Thank you for the link, but your cookie fabulous-ness is all you, baby! You took that recipe and ran with it. You are now The Cookie Queen!!!


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