Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Twenty-two years ago today...

Twenty-two years ago today... When I was just twenty-two,
and you were brand new... I never imagined there would
be Birthdays we wouldn't be able to celebrate together
I never saw it coming... But I'm so very Proud of you, and I support you and
your mission. I'm hanging on because I know that even though you're half
a world away, you're thinking of us as much as we're Thinking of you!
Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet boy. Love, your Mom


  1. What a sweet post dedicated to your boy. He has grown from such a cute boy with his fuzzy little bunny into a man fighting for our freedom. I am thankful for him and wish his a memorable birthday.

    BTW, I see you put labels on your posts :-)

  2. I'm sure you are so proud. But I'm equally sure it is so difficult to have your son over there. Nice birthday tribute.

  3. oh honey... happy birthday to your baby boy/young man.

    much love

  4. Happy Birthday Brandon! We are all so proud of you and rooting you on. (praying for you too)

  5. Beautiful son~ Beautiful citizen ~ Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    God bless you too ♥

  6. Happy Birthday to your boy. I know you are immensely proud.

  7. God bless and protect your son! My nephew is in the Army and is deployed to Afghanistan also. He just got there a few weeks ago. I think he is with the 891st.

  8. Did you ever get a call Janet?

    Happy Birthday Brandon!!!!


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