Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday garden stroll and Auction finds!

We took a stroll around the Park near our house where I fell in love...
With this green-Freckled duck!
He was having quite the Conversation with the other ducks!
Eventually, there was a Meeting of the minds...
And away they went!
Following our walk in the Park we
came home to Walk our own park! 
The Calla Lilies in the pots by the front
door are putting on Quite a show!
It's all I can do not to Grab a pair of scissors!
I'm still not happy with the Feet he put under my pots... However,
until the garden shops get going and Offer something else that's a
better match, I guess I'm just going to have to put up with them!
I love this charming little Nest in the Japanese maple tree out front...
Almost as much as I love this Magnificent tree... Just
a few weeks more and she'll be Flushed out in leaves!
And around Mother's Day, these azaleas will be hot pink!
Spring has begun! The mallards are back in the Creek, and it's good!
This cracks me up every year... He just didn't have the Heart
to relocate this Daffodil when he put in the garden path
So he lets these beautiful Bouquets bloom wherever they want!
Which suits me just fine!
We spent the rest of our day at the Gallery Auction put on
by Great State Auction company in Wilkesboro. We almost
didn't go because there was nothing in the Catalog that jumped out
at me. Nothing like the Pink Toledo I picked up last month! But there
were a few things I decided were Worthy of being dragged home! Such
as this collection of Vintage kitchen tools. All made in the United States,
most stamped 1923, and for their age, Everything is in pretty great shape!
Because clearly, I needed a few more Kitchen tools!
In a box-lot of glass I picked up for $10 was this Corn muffin baker...
I've seen them in Cast iron plenty of times, but never
glass. I love that it's stamped Beauty Baker!
Also in the box was this Ball, (not old) beverage dispenser and this
very old fillable glass Rolling pin. It's in perfect condition!
Another box-lot I picked up for $10 was Full of miscellaneous
white Enamelware. I was after this too-cute lunch Pail set 
I have absolutely no use for it. But that's so Not the point!
These are the other items from the Box-lot. I don't
plan to keep any of these other pieces. Except for...
This one! I hope you enjoyed your First
weekend of Spring as much as we did!


  1. I've never seen a spotted duck! He's so charming!

    I always love seeing what new things you find while antiquing. I found a lovely cake plate over the weekend!

  2. OMG Janet!
    SO many things to comment on!
    FIrst of all...that GREEN freckled duckie...well I just wanted to SMACK his sweet chatty head with a big ole kiss! Why do I always want to KISS animals!!!!!!!!
    ANd your yard!!!! OMG!!!! And you have a gardener!!! Excuse me???!!!!
    Well now! Your yard is just heavenly and I know you must just LOVE all of the wildlife that lingers within! The little creek is just so sweet and did you say you have ducks?
    And in the big you have to have the things that they are propped up on? We have really huge pots but they just sit on the ground.
    Oh...and guess what color the azaleas are a lavendar purple! Never seen that color before!
    And one last thing!
    That corn muffin pan...can you believe I have one and it is one of the only vintage pieces I didn't part with when we moved to the Northwest!!! Love it!
    Just like I love you Sweetpea!


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