Saturday, March 6, 2010

Retail therapy Done right!

Went to bed and woke up Missing the Ranger today...

His dad was feeling the Same way so there was only one thing to do... Hop
in the truck and go find something to Do and see. Which, usually leads us
to shopping. I've always wanted to check out the Le Creuset outlet in
Burlington. So that's where we headed first. For all of you that wish
you only lived closer to a Le Creuset outlet, you can stop wishing
now. First of all, the selection is quite limited, and Secondly, the
quality of the outlet dutch ovens is poor, at best. I've seen Le Creuset
seconds at Marshalls and Home Goods in much better condition. And
finally, the savings one expects to find at the Outlet just is not
there. I was ready to pull the trigger on the Ransom required to finally
take home the 7-quart Dutchy I've dreamed of owning since I was
teenager; however, they didn't have the White, which is what I want most,
and there simply wasn't a blue, Flame, yellow or kiwi I could find, (without
any serious condition issues) I was willing to accept in its place. So as much
as it pained me to do it, I had to accept that my Long-anticipated pilgrimage
to the Le Creuset outlet today would not satisfy my longing for a dutch oven

The heartbreak suffered at Le Creuset called for us to take desperate measures to
salvage what was left of our Shopping day. So we headed over to Harry and David for
deployed Ranger care-package goodies, and samples, which helped a bit. And then, just to
ensure I was completely healed... I slipped into Sephora for some serious Retail therapy!

Because nothing soothes the wounded soul like a fun,
pink Wig-wearing sales girl, and Sephora and body butter!

After the Fun had at Sephora we hit Barnes and Noble, Hallmark, Hobby
Lobby and Yankee Candle. It was a good day. Lots of smiles, and just the right
amount of distraction needed... We finished the day at Whole Foods and then
went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse. We don't normally dine there;
however, in March, when you order from their Red, White & Blue menu,
a portion of the proceeds goes to Support our troops. And, we're all
about that! Tomorrow, I'll put together another care-package to mail out
on Monday. I hope the Ranger and his buddies like Moose Munch!

And, that they get a kick out of some green gummi Army men!

I couldn't resist sending this Zu Zu Hamster too!

Bing says that's where all Hamsters should
be sent... Far, far away to Afghanistan!

Now if you'll excuse me.... I have some body Butter to apply!


  1. Such a sweet boy...

    Sounds like my kind of shopping day. I see you picked up some of my mints :-)

    We have a Le Creuset outlet in our town and while they have a good selection and there aren't many damages to them, they're still so expensive. I've seen much better prices at discount stores. sad. I really like the slate color that WS carried a while back. So pretty. I also am in love with the cassis they carry at Sur La Table. love it. But can't afford it :-(

    Hope the retail therapy helped a little. I'm sure he'll appreciate the army men gummis. too cute!

  2. You know how to shop, girl!!! We have a Le Creuset outlet in our area and was was less than impressed with it as well. :( So sad because I couldn't *wait* for them to open. Oh, well.

    Love the pictures of young Ranger. ♥

  3. How awesome. I adore all of those stores too. Your Ranger will be so happy with that care package! And you deserve all of the Sephora treats my friend. Hugs to you.


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