Monday, March 15, 2010

Quick Spring Stroll

I couldn't wait to get Home to survey all of the
pretty spring Daffodils popping up on the property
My only regret is that I did not get Home sooner to see them. I tried.... However,
this first Monday of daylight-saving time had me pinned down until Long after
I was due to leave the office. Therefore, my stroll had to be a Quick one!
Because while the Bloomers say spring is on its way...
It's still pretty Chilly out here!
Looks like my gardener was very Busy today planting up all the
lovelies I picked out at the Briar Patch yesterday! I like these new
glazed pots by the front door. But I'm not lovin' the pot feet he used...
Calla Lilies, Stonecrop and Ivy, Yes...
Terra cotta pot-feet for these beautiful glazed planters, No! Fortunately, for me,
I've already been able to Sweet-talk him into going back for a better match! 


  1. Very beautiful flowers! I have yet to see any Spring flowers in NYC. We have lots of sprouts and stems but no flowers yet. Aren't you getting your hardwood floors installed today? How exciting!

  2. So pretty! I can't wait for flowers to bloom here!

  3. I LOVE your new masthead! The whole blogs looks great! I keep meaning to re-do my blog but never get around to doing it. Good job!

  4. Yeah spring! Lovely photographs and I especially love your St. Francis.

  5. pretty daffodils- they just make me smile.

    You got your header changed- yay! Love the bees!

  6. Beautiful! I can hardly wait until it's flower season here!


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