Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hop through the Garden with me!

Thank you for spending day Four with me! When I was asked to participate with
this Amazing group of women, my first thought, after I asked to make sure their request
wasn't sent to me in error, was how this Blog-hop seemed to be the perfect opportunity to
create my very first Easter decorated sugar cookies. My second thought was to pair them
with the most beautiful thing about living in North Carolina during this time of year. And
that, my friends, is Spring! So let's explore the garden to see what we might find along
the way as we Hop to It! Well, that didn't take long... The first thing I see is a sweet
pink bunny waiting to be picked from the Forsythia bushes. Do you see her too?
Look! There's another bunny hiding under the Daffodil bouquet
that insists on Blooming in the middle of our garden path!
The garden Nymph over here has a beautiful
Easter egg she wants to share with us!
And Saint Francis has an offering of his
own for us... It's a precious little Lamb!
Over by the koi pond, I see another Bunny
hiding in the Bird bath by the tree...
Makes you just want to spread out a blanket and Soak
up some Sunbeams while nibbling on a treat. Doesn't it?
Better pick this Carrot before our garden bunnies discover it later!
Look Honey! There are chickens in your yard, and they're
not doing any Damage at all! Might this mean that you'll
change your mind and build me that Chicken coop now?
So... It appears we've found all of our Easter goodies now! I sure hope
you've enjoyed our Spring garden stroll as much as I have, and that
you'll be finding sweet treats in your own Garden very soon!
Now for our Spring Blog-Hop, day four give-away!
You know how much I enjoy baking and Decorating sugar cookies, right? Well, ever since
discovering last year, after I became obsessed with creating that super-
cute Snow Globe cookie I haven't bought another copper cookie cutter anywhere else! Not only
does handcraft each of the copper cookie cutters they offer from their
family-owned workshop right here in the United States, they're located in Kansas! So it
thrills this former Kansas-girl every time to support with my cookie cutter
purchases. When I contacted to ask if they might be interested in sponsoring
my day of our Spring Blog-hop, I received a nice note back from Beth, the owner, telling me
that while they get Many requests like mine, they rarely get them from actual customers!
Therefore, because of my continued patronage of their business, Beth explained that she would
be Delighted to sponsor my day! Beth then invited me to place an order for all of the copper
cutters I had in mind for my Easter cookie project, which I did. Now I expected Beth to
include the Cookie cutter decorating set I chose for my give-away, (it's been on my Wish-
list for a while!) but what I didn't expect was to receive my entire order Free! So a huge
THANK YOU to Beth and her Team at for sponsoring my give-away. And, if
they're reading this, I hope they will be pleased with the cookies I created with their help!
So what is this Cookie Cutter Decorating Set I've been dying to try? It's the, Fish Bowl!
Click photo once to Enlarge
But don't worry... This is my set! Your set will come to you...
Unused and still in the Package the way it arrived from!
So here is how to enter... Leave a comment telling me which Non-cookie cutter
copper gift you would like to add to your collection. You see, not
only offers us the Best copper cookie cutters, Beth's husband is a true coppersmith
who artfully creates other beautiful Copper gifts too! So leave a comment about
the Copper gift you like the most, and if you Tweet about this give-away, let
me know for a Second entry! My blog is not monetized; therefore I'm not
after page views or clicks. I would simply like everyone who Appreciates
quality, American craftsmanship to know that it still happens in Kansas! And,
if you take a moment to support a Wounded Warrior, I'd love that too!
So pop over to and leave your comment to win this set!
You may just be inspired to create Tasty little fishies
in Love with it. Like I was... Meet my Phil and Bubbles!
Wait! Where's Phil? Phil...? Phil...? Where is Bing!?
Oh, no... Poor Phil! But seriously... The fun
decorating possibilities that exist with this Set are
endless. So win it... Buy it... But have a Blast with it!
Thank you for spending day four of our Spring Blog-Hop with me!
Prize give-away sponsored by Contest closes at
12AM, ESTApril 5th. Winner will be announced April 6th at 9AM, EST


  1. I know I probably won't win because the first commenter never gets picked, but that's okay because I'm thrilled to be the first to tell you how darn cute these are! How cute YOU are!

    My favorite cookie is the little bunny foo foo with the pink ears. love it!

    Who knew they had copper gifts? I really like the square copper tray and the ladles. nice!

  2. Oh my goodness, they are fabulous! I just love each and every one of you cookies! What a beautiful garden you have :)
    I love the fish set it is the cutest!
    It's hard to choose just one item all their copper items are beautiful,I love the copper berry colander!

    I tweeted!

  3. My first time to your blog and I'm delighted. I'm meeting so many and learning so much through this blog hop! You are very creative and I love your original and very creative blog post. I felt like I was running around the property myself on an Easter Egg Hunt! All of your cookies are so prettily (is that a word?) decorated. Checked out your link to Copper Gifts. Great on-line store.

  4. Janet!
    You are so talented!
    Your bunnnnnnies are just adorable!
    The chicks...the sheep...all so cute!
    ANd you know I am in awe of your beautiful yard!
    I love the copper gifts site!
    Sooooo many cookie cutters that just make my heart go pitter patter!
    Love the shortbread cookie cutter and the tulip and the mushroom!
    Oh how I would love like a thousand dollars to spend on that site!
    The fish cookie set is just adorable!
    You KNOW I would ADORE to have it!
    I would ADORE to have anything YOU LIKE...cuz I like it allllllll!
    Your kitchen just beckons me!!!!!!
    Hope lots of happy bloggers HOP your way to see your lovely cookies and yard!
    Oh...wanna know what I pass out if I won?!!!
    That HUGE Easter basket with all of those cookies in it! ;o)
    Oh...and I would tweet if I tweeted!

  5. Oh these are so cool! I am very impressed with your mad skills! I think all your cookies are adorable. I think I would choose the barn star! Too cute!

  6. Oh My Stinkin' Heck!!! Could you please come hold my hand next time I try Royal Icing? Yours are GORGEOUS!!! And that FishBowl cookie cutter is adorable. Maybe I could give Royal Icing a second try! ;) -Their Dress cookie cutter is adorable too! :) Thanks for hosting and for the great giveaway! -Shelley {}

  7. Your cookies are amazing, as always! I just love looking at your work! And what a great idea to put them in the garden! I'm really looking forward to seeing our flowers this year!

  8. ok, I see MANY things I would LOVE from them!!...the copper water pitcher♥, the cookie easels like you have Janet ♥, the cupcake pedestals ♥, Jumbo Cookie Spatula (because Bridget says I NEED one of those! lol)♥, perfect dough rolling pin♥, not to mention all the wonderful cookie cutters and decorating supplies!......see I'm lost! What a great place!!

    you cookies look FAB my friend!! I love how you hid them all around the yard!

    Great giveaway and great company!!

  9. love it and adore the fish. oh the fish are amazing.
    you are amazing.
    greetings from Germany

  10. are you kidding me?!?! I have never seen that fish bowl cutter and I am IN LOVE! That is the cutest thing ever.
    Also, your cookies are precious! glad it all came together for you.
    I hope I win, because if I don't I am going to have to buy that cutter :)

  11. That cookie bowl is amazing. Just amazing!! Fantastic job my dear!! Your cookies are brilliant!!

  12. Just tweeted it here

  13. This is a great giveaway. After looking through the site, I think I would like either the christmas ornaments (the reindeer and tree are my favorite) or the hammered teapot. Although I already have a teapot, this one would look great on my stove.

  14. Love the fish bowl and the bunny too. Love your cookies!

  15. Cute! Cute! Cute! Those two fishies look SO happy in there... I wouldn't even THINK of gobbling up that cookie!

    Let me start by saying that I absolutely LOVE cupcakes. Cupcakes are what makes the world go world. :) So I am head-over-heels in love with the "Cupcake Pedestals". All cupcakes should be placed on pedestals, don't you think?

    Awesome giveaway!

  16. That's really cute! I clicked over and really liked this Fleur de Lis Napkin Holder - looked more pewter than copper from the photo, but I really liked it!

  17. I love that fishbowl! too adorable. I like the strawberry and snowflake (no 1) also. Well I just love a whole lot of them lol- how can I choose?

    I'm following you on twitter now =] @Reatie


    sixpack7678 @ embarqmai dot com

  18. Thank you for leading me to that site. I am always looking for fun new cookie cutters. As for something non cookie related. I would love to add the solid copper gingerbread man to my holiday decorations.

  19. I just found your blog & you make the cutest cookies ever! I absolutely love the fish bowl! I think the Square Cooper Tray is beautiful.

  20. Your fishbowl cookie is one of the cutest cookies I have seen! Great job. The Cooper Gifts website is really impressive and I will have to remember it for an upcoming wedding gift I need to buy. My favorite non-cookie cutter item is probably the copper berry colander. It's just beautiful! Thanks for offering this great giveaway.


  21. Oh that Bing is at it again, huh? hehe Wonder if he's gonna treat Kali?
    Here is my Strawberry Sensation post...

    Strawberries and Cool Whip - who doesn't love that?

    Thanks again Janet!

  22. I would love to hang the Copper Sun Face Mold in my kitchen.

    The Happy Wife/Danielle
    ldsmom2201 at yahoo dot com

  23. How great is this? You inspire us with your wonderfully creative cookie ideas and your kits help us to actually make them!!!! New to your site and I'd LOVE to win the fishbowl cookie set!

  24. My favorites are the copper cat trivet with the copper welcome sign coming in a close second.

  25. I love the copper clock! That would look great on my kitchen wall.

    The fishbowl cookies are too cute! I may have to try those.

  26. What a great site - would love those cupcake stands along with a million other things. Thanks for this giveaway.

  27. I love to entertain and the prettier the table the better I feel. I would like the copper chargers for an over the top setting!

  28. I love the mushroom cookie cutter but if I had to choose a non food item it is the penny bracelet. Pretty cool stuff!

  29. what a fun blog! i think it is my life goal to make cookies as cute as these now! WOW! Well...I'm in love with the cupcake stands and a million other things now. Thanks for sharing!

  30. love the fleur-de-lis key rack!
    and WOW are your cookies amazing - I came over from the Skip to My Lou link and I'm glad I did.

  31. my goodness whats not to love. So many adorable and well made cutters! What a Fab collection, anyone would be more than happy to recieve any one of your cutters!

  32. I LOVE the elephant cookie cutter! What a cute shower favor it would make. Beautiful job with the cookies! And your yard is AH-MAZ-ING!

  33. The gift I would love to have is the copper tea kettle. My mother had one while I was growing up and I have been looking for one of my own and I think I just found it!


  34. Your cookies are so beautiful! I just love the fishbowl cookies! I really like the copper salt and pepper mills.

  35. I love your blog, and have been trying to do my cookies as well as you do yours. No luck yet! I love the stove top salt and pepper shaker.
    I have had my eye on a pickle cookie cutter from there for a while. I would like to do pickle and ice cream cookies for my sisters baby shower. Copper gifts was the only place I found it when I searched last week. Before that I had never heard of them...funny you mention it today!

    I tweeted this give away as well @jenmichael24

  36. I ADORE that fishbowl cookie...have never seen anything like it! Also on their website is a set of make up-type cookie cutters that my daughters would absolutely love! Thanks for introducing me to the copper cookie cutter website!

  37. Janet!!! Oh my goodness!!! So many cute cookies! You've outdone yourself!

    I've ordered MANY cutters from Copper Gifts..they are from the same town as where my dad grew up. :)

  38. You did it again! An amazing post full fo amazing cookies! I was WAITING for your day in the "blog hop" because I knew you would post such cute things. Great job! I think that CopperGifts will be proud to see what you created with one of their products and your creativity. The product from their company that I would like is the Copper Oil Can. It reminds me of an oil can that I see the owner of my favorite pizza shop use when he drizzles olive oil on the pizzas. Yum-0! Have a good night...

  39. What a fabulous blog, I love all your cookies, especially the fish.

  40. Your cookies are too pretty to eat! Such a clever idea to show them in your garden.
    I like the copper star.


  41. Hi there
    I am so happy to have found your blog
    You are sooo creative - love your cookies - I want to be like you :)
    Great site
    Great giveaway

  42. Those are the cutiest little cookies... The carrots are too.. I love the little lamb.. Ummmm the projects and idea's I have are just overflowing.. Can't wait!!!

  43. Those cookies are too beautiful to eat! So many lovely copper gifts. I would love the copper barn stars.

  44. I want everything! The fish set would be great - the hopping bunnies...I have to go spend some money there!

  45. I have been looking for fun cookie cutters for awhile now. I love that they are handmade and copper!! The angels are beautiful - I especially like when I can use a few different shaped cutters of the same thing - it makes decorating them much more fun and the tray of cookies looks so pretty. Thank you!

  46. So cute and clever, my grankids would love making these.

  47. Adorable. Love the stroll through the garden you have some beautiful pictures. I liked the stand alone paper towel holder. The fish bowl would be a great cookie to make with the grandkids. Love it.

  48. I like the copper trays and clock the most, besides the COOKIE CUTTERS of course!!!! The fish bowl is AWESOME!!! Great idea!!

  49. I love th fish bowl cookie! So adorable!!! I also love the Baby sand sugars and the cookie stensils! So fun, thanks for sharing!

  50. Great giveaway!

    In addition to any copper cookie cutter :) I'd love the copper water pitcher, Old Dutch cookie jar, or colander.

    Couldn't pick just one!


  51. These cookies are so cute! Thanks for the chance to win.

  52. I just love that Copper Cat Trivet. How adorable... thanks for introducing us to such a great company!

    And your bunny cookies are simply adorable!!

  53. I just love that gorgeous copper water pitcher! It's awesome when something practical is also beautiful!

  54. I love all of the trivets at! Especially the cat one, I've always had an affinity for kitties!

  55. I love the cosmetic cookie cutter set, all of their stuff is adorable though

  56. That is adorable! I would never have considered using miniature cookies to decorate other cookies!

    I really like their daisy trivet and the copper planter urns, too. They're totally going straight to the Amazon wishlist.

  57. I love the cookies you've made. Went to copper gifts, and fell in love with the copper laddles and pepper mills.

  58. The cookie cutters are adorable. I love the copper bowls from the other site! I'd love to have them!

  59. Your fishy cookies are so cute! I would love to get some of those cookie stands like that, and their copper bowls would look great in my kitchen ;)

  60. I have been baking since I was kid but made my first decorated rool-out cookies this year at age 42 (I know!!). Loved it and I would love to win so I can continue building my new cookie cutter collection.

  61. oh my goodness!! i love them all!! so, so cute! (too cute to eat!) that fish bowl is fabulous!

  62. Ooh, I love copper! I'd probably buy the Copper Zabaglione Pan from the site. It's so beautiful!

  63. i tweeted!

  64. Your cookies are beautiful!!

    I went to CopperGifts. I had no idea that they do stuff other than cookie cutters. There were so many things I liked (I love the way copper looks!) but I especially loved the pepper mill.


  65. Not only are their cookie cutters beautiful, but this copper water pitcher ( is AMAZING! I had no idea about this place - thank you for the introduction!

    BTW - your cookies are adorable!

  66. I tweeted about the giveaway, too!

    I'm not that great with twitter, so I can't provide the link... but I'm gen_here over there =)

  67. Adorable cookies. My little girl would have a blast making those. I'm all about the pepper mill and the colander at CG.

  68. Everything is just so cute!!! I swear ideas just keep getting better and better! I love the fish-bowl, my boys love to make cookies and this is one I bet they would enjoy!

    susypenn123 at yahoo dot com

  69. Those are such cute cookies. I really would like to try some kind of cookie decorating idea.
    I hear that the americolor stuff works really well...I would like to get my hand on some of that! Lol.

  70. Ok, I love the stovetop salt and pepper shakers---so classic!

    And I must say that I love that you pictures your spring cookies in the garden! Nice touch!

  71. I love your cookies!! Too cute!

    I absolutely love the copper fondue set. I can just imagine dipping strawberries in melted chocolate!!:)

  72. These are so cute. And the cookie cutters are beautiful. Love the fish bowl. Now to decide which ones I "need"....

  73. I love the large cooling rack from copper gifts, I have needed one for so long.

    What adorable cookies!


  74. I love the copper bowls. So pretty!
    amandarwest at gmaildotcom

  75. cute cookies! i love their cookie cutters but the next best thing would be a dutch copper bowl.

  76. Awww~cute cookies! I don't think I've ever seen a fish bowl cutter before so I must say thats the one that catches my eye.

  77. found your blog through the blog hop--i love the copper bowls, they're classic! but the fish-bowl set are the cutest cookie cutters i've seen.

  78. I would love the solid copper gingerbread man in "home decor" at Copper Gifts...I have a thing for gingerbread men:) I don't even want to guess how much many I have spent at Copper Gifts in the last couple of years!?! Thanks for the chance to get one for free! :) Love all your cookies!

  79. The spring blog hop is such a great idea! I have found so many neat sites, yours in particular! Copper Gifts is a great place for cookie bakers to shop and get inspired. The fish bowl cutter is so cute! I didn't realize that they would have so many cookie decorating supplies. If I placed a non-copper order, I would have to buy some royal icing decorations. Perhaps some eyes to give my frog cookies more character. :)


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