Sunday, September 27, 2009

Autumn, for Sure!

Here's how I know it's Autumn... This is Thursday

And, this is Friday! You see, someone winterized
my Summer fun while I was at work...

Today I see that it's Autumn down at the pond too!

Because the Toad Lily has blossomed!

As the leaves begin to fall, the Canopy over the
pond opens up and we see more Sunbeams!

Of everything that Blooms down by
the pond, the Toad Lily is my favorite

I can't imagine the pond in Autumn without it!

Look! It's almost Caesar-time in the veg garden!

Time to hang a Hammock, and call it noon-nap time!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bing's Happy!

He's got his Favorite spot back!

This makes Bing very happy... 
Almost as happy as it makes me!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

There was a Garden tour!

Last week his gardening class toured Reynolda
Gardens... This week, the class toured his gardens!
I know you Wish you could have been here with
us. So come... I'll take you on a Private tour!

I wanted the class to see just how Beautiful the gardens are
all year long so I made up these Photo boards featuring
the plants and Landscape during the other three seasons

Someone didn't initially care for my Idea. He said it was
going Overboard, and wasn't necessary. However, his
instructor, (a Wise woman!) while standing in this
very spot, Looking at this very board said to me
that this was a Great idea and really did a lot for
the other students. He has until 10:30 to apologize

Here we are on the end of the house with the
pink, 30+ year old azaleas. I cannot live without them!

Japanese maple - it is the Crown jewel of the front yard. In a
few more weeks it will be bright Orange and fabulous!

Here you see the Sky pencils by the pool. It was warm enough
during the Garden tour to turn it into a pool party!

This is where my Photo board came in most handy because it is this time
of year when Phlox hill isn't phlox hill at all. In the spring though, it's a lush
carpet of pink, Purple and white phlox colors. Right now... Not so much!

Into the secret Garden we go... I love how dark and Cool this spot is!

Here is Cousin It - He is the pride of the back yard. He would also
want me to tell you that he's a Canadian Hemlock. But I call
him, Cousin It and I make him dress up in lights at Christmas time!

See Cousin It as a baby in the wheelbarrow?
(click photo once to enlarge)

Of all my photos taken in Winter I
love this one on the left the most!

Coleus is fantastic! I am always amazed by how those tiny, three
inch plants he picks up in Spring always turn into these towering,
majestic specimens by the End of summer. It's a true favorite!

Without my photo board, the Class would never know this bed in front
of the Solarium is filled with 250 tulips bulbs.... It is my secret Holland!

One more look at our Lovely coleus!

Look! I picked up your favorite, Pellegrino water. Just for
you! Now could you pop on over and have some with me?

And have a cookie and a Cupcake too, please!

I love my Pumpkin!

This pumpkin is Nice too!

It almost looks like your Daughter knows what she's doing. Huh?

I hope these Ladies will enjoy the goodies!

This ornamental Pepper is still knocking my socks off!

This was the best gift I ever got from my boss... She gave me a stunning
plant arrangement in 2004 - I brought the ivy parts home and asked
him to plant it for me. Here it is, Five years later and still very happy!

Down by the Firepit I found this arachnid. In other words, a Huge spider!

Look! There are Gardeners everywhere here tonight!

I will never get tired of this view. I call it my Pebble Beach!

Centerpiece by Pottery Barn... I got the Last one!

A beautiful visitor in a Beautiful garden!

It's taken Bing a while but he's finally come
out of hiding. Now he's watching the watchers!

He's not used to all this Fancy stuff being in his way

But he'll get over it!

As soon as our Garden tour visitors arrived, Bing went
upstairs to Hide under our bed. He's not used to Strangers or
sharing his Space. We all know the solarium belongs to Bing!

I wonder if I should tell him that the strangers are still here...

... and that they will be coming back
inside for Snacks at the end of their tour

I can't tell him... You tell him!

I hope you Enjoyed the garden tour. I wish you were Here too!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's a Wrap!

My butter Pecan cupcakes are done, and my Cookies are wrapped!

I've agreed to Donate a couple (3?) dozen of my cookies to a bake sale to
benefit the Surry county hospice. Since the bake sale will be held at the Autumn
Leaves festival in Mt. Airy, I think making these leaves for them will be perfect!

Here's our Pottery Barn galvanized centerpiece... After I get the
cupcakes iced tomorrow they will fill the middle and Bottom tiers

I think this Pumpkin will be a perfect addition to my goodie-
table d├ęcor. She looks like she was born in a Peanut field!