Sunday, April 21, 2013

What I Saw Outside Today!

Special company is on the way...
Which meant I spent the morning standing at the kitchen sink!
Polishing copper and shining up the silver!
After the silver and copper fest, I got busy washing all the crystal and flatware...
Which took me to dusting every surface in the house!
After the surfaces, I began organizing piles here and there...
And, before I knew it, the house was spotless...
But the morning and afternoon were gone!
So I rushed outside to ensure I didn't miss
another minute of this glorious Spring day!
Of course, I took two rolls of paper towels
and my bottle of Windex with me...
Because there were windows to clean!
And, so...
While the birds sang...
And the wind chimes played to the breezes...
And the chipmunks gorged on the birdseed I put out...
And Leo lounged in the solarium, I cleaned windows!
Until the setting sun made them sparkle like diamonds!
After the windows were clean I took a walk around through Spring!
I cannot wait for my parents to get here!
It'll be their first visit during spring time...
Normally, they visit in the Fall, which isn't a bad time of year either!
But there's something special about spring!
I cannot wait to show them Spring time in North Carolina!
The plan is to take them back to Biltmore in Asheville...
And then continue further into the mountains
and show them Highlands and Cashiers...
The shopping there always reminds me of Carmel...
Which will make them feel right at home!
So how is your spring shaping up where you live?
I hope it's green...
And pink and purple too!
Really purple!
Like this!
And that you have plenty of time to enjoy it!
And all that's about to follow!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring has Sprung... Finally!

What seemed like an endless winter has finally broken!
Because today... All signs point to Spring!
Here where I live, one must pay close attention to spring because dramatic
changes can occur within just a few days. For example, this was Monday...
And, Poof... This is today!
The colors of Spring come on very fast, which is perfectly fine by me!
I just don't want to blink and miss any of it!
If it were up to me, spring and fall
would be twice the seasons they are!
Now, don't get me wrong...
I love summer too... But only when I'm floating in my pool!
I even feel affection for winter... But only when it's snowing!
The humidity and pesky mosquitoes of summer... Those you can keep!
And, the naked trees and shorter days of winter... Kindly keep them too!
However, as I am constantly reminded by my
wonderful gardener, I cannot have all of this...
Without enduring proper summers and winters!
Every time I begin to miss the brand new, (and perfectly level) home
we owned in California I look at this tree and remember that living
in an older home has advantages too... Like a mature landscape!
This tree knocks me out each year. It's amazing how much it's grown since we
moved here. The English boxwoods Army dad put in complement it perfectly!
So until I can pick it up and take it with me... I'm not moving!
What was most impressive to me as I walked the property around
our home this evening was that Army dad was able to get the lawns
mowed. You see, he's been up to his eyeballs in a major renovation
inside the house. He's been working non-stop for two weeks and, do
let me tell you... He has made no secret of the fact that he'd rather be
outside minding his spring gardens. There is also the matter of the
pool that needs his attention too. Because after nearly twelve years,
it is time to replace the liner. Therefore, the pool has to be drained
this weekend before the contractor can measure for the new one!
The best news of this glorious spring is that my parents are on their way! The
reason they are on the east coast makes me very sad and worries me a lot;
but as soon as they finish being angels to someone I cannot live without, they
will be here with me to enjoy some well deserved rest. And, I cannot wait!
I should have some fun before and after photos to show you of the
room that's being transformed just for me very soon. So do stay tuned!
In the meantime, I invite you to enjoy the green outside with me...
Because that room I just mentioned inside...
It's 65 square feet of disaster!
That very soon I hope will be my spa-bliss!