Friday, April 2, 2010

It's on!

When I was asked about the possibility of creating a
logo sugar cookie for a Client I was excited to try!  
And, for a small batch of prototypes to demonstrate
what I might be able to Provide them, I did very well!
However, after those Prototypes were delivered, baking 300
logo-cookies in support of Aveda Earth Month 2010 in
reality began to sink in. Three. Hundred. Logo. Cookies.
I knew to get through it in one piece, I had to think outside of the box, and
waaay Outside of my kitchen! First, I contacted Jenny, a Fabulous cookie
designer I know in Los Angeles, to ask her advice. Jenny said a, Photo-cookie 
would be her best answer. Then she told me what I would need to get set-up to
create my photo cookies. Then I asked Jenny if I could hire her to create photo-
cookie icing sheets for me. Poor Jenny just completed an order of 8,500 photo-
cookies for Showtime, and was hardly in the mood. And yet, she kindly agreed to
help! Second thing I did was begin hunting a commercial mixer to hire to Expedite
mixing the 19 batches of cookie dough I estimated I'd need to bang out 300 cookies.
I called several commercial kitchens and even had one in Greensboro say I could use
theirs, free of charge! But just before I took that offer, I spoke to a friend who said I
was welcome to use his, right here! This is now high on my Wish-list of things to own! 
Being invited to use it saved me Many hours, and I could
not be any more Grateful to my sweet friend than I am!
Next to his mixer, I love my friend's Blast-chiller best! I was able to
chill down 244 cookies, only 56 shy of my 300 target, (because
I ran out of butter) for transport in almost no time at all! 
After I got home, I loaded all of my Chilly cookie blanks into
the refrigerator. Today, it's all about Baking them! 
Look what just came in the mail!
Awww! My dear friend, Monica sent me some of her
beautiful Easter cookies! And, some sweet-tart jelly beans
too! Boy! I sure hope they help me bake faster today! 
This is where my OCD works for me for a change. I have
all 244 cookie blanks Wrapped and stacked in sets of 16!
I've been baking for Five hours now, and I'm dying to
visit the beautiful Spring day going on outside... Here in
the solarium off the kitchen you can see my little Tomato plant
preparing to take her spot in his garden. She's an Early Girl!
And, her spot in the Garden is almost ready too! All he needs to do
is install the fence. Because the deer and Raccoons love veg, like I do!
What a Glorious day! Any more of this, and
I may never get those Cookies baked!
Yes. I'm still sitting here under the Umbrella with my feet up!
167 down... We're getting there now!
Jenny's icing sheets are going to look Great on my cookies! With
her encouragement, I did buy a printer and all of the edible ink I
need to create my own photo-cookies. Those are in the garage,
waiting for me to have time to figure it out. I'm looking
forward to it, but can't think about it today. If you
need photo-cookie icing sheets created for your
cookie order, Call Jenny! She's amazing!


    I mean I was reading all of this PRO-COOKIE talk with my mouth hanging OPEN!
    And the tomato plant in the solarium...put me right over the TOP!!!!!!!!
    And the edible photo just unreal!
    Amazed...that is what I am! go girl! ;o)
    Happy Easter to you!

  2. Those are amazing!! Royal Icing still scares me to death!! Way to go Janet!! -Shelley {}

  3. AMAZING Janet!! I love how organized you are about it!! So how many batched could that promixer mix at once?

    Were you about to roll out a lot of dough at one? that's the other part that takes me forever -rolling out the dough, and only getting maybe 6 cookie cut, then you have to stop and roll again!

    I swear, there's a nice size group of us who need to ALL get together SOON and show each other tips!! Seriously.....let's see, I think Missouri is a nice middle groud for all of you!! LOL

    Have a happy Easter!

  4. I agree with Cheryl....cookie decorating/cupcake making girls' weekend?!? I'm up for it!

  5. I thought I had commented on this...hmmm?

    Well you know what I think of you and all those cookies. Fabulous!

    Nice chatting with you the other day. As far as I'm concerned it was a great way to spend a Friday :-)


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