Monday, March 29, 2010

Day Six... You've got to See this!

It's day Six of our Spring Blog Hop and today's featured
blogger is Amanda over at, i am baker. Amanda is clearly one
of those creative bakers you just know you'll see one day soon on
the FoodNetwork, participating in a challenge show or hosting her
very Own show! I am amazed by Amanda's talents and much
like Bakerella's Cupcake Pops I had never seen before or
even Imagined were possible, these surprise cakes
that Amanda creates just BLOW my mind! Photo Belongs to Amanda
So Hurry! Hop over to Amanda's blog. Check out her
very special Easter cake and for goodness sake, do not
forget to enter her Giveaway for cold, hard, beautiful CASH!


  1. THANK YOU!!! You are just the sweetest!! I really appreciate your kindness!


  2. That cake is so cute and she has so many cool things over there!


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