Saturday, May 31, 2008


I went back for more Beachy-bedding today - I picked up another duvet set from the Santa Barbara line. This one has a border of sweet little sea shells - Cool, crisp linens. Perfect for Summer! The fact that it looks fantastic on my new bed is a Bonus
Hard not to enjoy Sea shells!
Another must for today was to find a television to fit
the new armoire better... Hanging on the wall the old TV
looked so big; however, in the cabinet it looked ridiculous
That's Better!
I bought the biggest television the new cabinet will hold. The 
opening is 42" door-to-door and the television is 1/8th of an inch 
under 42" - It doesn't get any closer than that! The guy helping me 
thought I was a nut to buy a almost 42" TV for an exactly 42" 
opening but I told him I could work an 1/8th of an inch to my 
advantage better than anyone else he'd meet today - And, I was right!

Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Here!

I was only expecting to get the bed today but he surprised me by going to the extra effort of making two trips to Thomasville to bring everything home instead of making me wait until next week. He said he did it to get out of Sex... Sex and the City, that is! I asked him to go see it with me tonight but he said he'd rather push 900 pounds of furniture up the steps - Ha!

Getting the new bed was the perfect excuse to pull out the new linens I bought for summer. The light summer quilt I picked out has little blue seashells embroidered on it - so Beachy! I've been waiting for just the right bed and I finally found it! And, look how it matches the dresser and nightstand I picked up a few years ago in Hickory, NC - Perfect!
Of course, as soon as the duvet was on Bing had to come fuzz it up!
I wasn't sure I'd like the TV off the wall but now that I'm sitting 
in bed watching it I find it's actually more comfortable at eye level. 
It will take me a while to stop looking up at the ceiling for the time 
and channel though! I need a bigger TV that fits this armoire better
so that's on the agenda for tomorrow. Getting this piece up the stairs 
was no fun but now that it's in place it was so worth the trouble!
Bonus! There is a little storage space where I can 
keep my body washes and movies
Of course now he says we must paint the bedroom because it 
would make the new furniture pop against the walls. I am so 
anti-color on the walls (and he knows this!) but if there is a 
shade he can convince me will look better I'll let him paint 
Here is the bed without the duvet - just the summer quilt

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lots to Love about Thursday!

First of all, Thursday is mower-day so the yards are ready for the weekend, and Me!
Second... It was a Beautiful day to pour Concrete! I called the project manager early this morning to ask for one tiny last adjustment. He was happy to accommodate me (again) so now the end of the driveway is Perfect!
We like Perfect!
Perfect from all sides
I cannot believe it'll take a week to cure but I'm willing
to stay off it until they say it's okay. It'll make the
furniture delivery tomorrow more interesting but
it is what it is. All that's left now is to repair the yards
and we can call this two-year headache Over!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beautiful, that's me... Ha!

The Rhododendron popped today! It's been raining lightly all day and the gardens couldn't be lovelier - Come see:
Lovin' the Purple!
The trees, ferns and hostas are All in!
Men at work next door...
Looks like we're Next!
When I came home last night I was unhappy to find the new form 
they set for our driveway seemed more narrow than it was before 
they removed it to make way for the sewer line they brought down 
our street. I was dreading making the call today but when I got the project
manager on the line and explained it to him, (and asked for a little extra 
flare-out on the end) he said, "I'm only about five minutes away, Beautiful 
so let me get over there and see if I can't make you smile today." Wow! 
Hopefully tomorrow will be a beautiful day to pour concrete 

Monday, May 26, 2008

Paying tribute to America's Fallen...

Main Street. Thomasville, North Carolina on Memorial Day 2008
The big Chair
Front and Center at the Parade
In memory of my Father - Let Freedom Ring
Listening to this man tell the story of his father's service
to our country I couldn't help but think that in a lot of ways
his life is frozen around the event of losing his dad
I love the Marching Band!

United States Air Force
The Marines
Submarine Veterans. Mr. Porter, our neighbor across the street
who died last year was a WWII submarine veteran.
He used to tell great stories...

People lined both sides of the street for a few miles
Remembering the POW and MIA
North Carolina National Guard
Buffalo Soldiers

Standing behind us was this pair. They chatted about the Vietnam War
the whole parade. Our veteran would tell this Vietnamese man where he was
in his country and about what he saw and the Vietnamese man, in his limited
English, did his best to explain and confirm their shared experiences of that time
Hearing the exchange between these men and standing at this parade today
with my husband and sons as we watched families of young men and woman from
this area who have recently been lost be honored by this crowd, I couldn't help but cry.
I am so grateful for this Country and the men and women that make it possible

Cooking leads to Shopping...

The way Parades in Thomasville lead to furniture shopping!
Thomasville Furniture. Thomasville, North Carolina
I'm a big Fan of their Outlet store. This is truly one of the
perks of living in this area of North Carolina. The very best
furniture at prices that simply cannot be believed
This piece and its price reminded me of another Memorial Day when we
stopped in at the Outlet after the parade and found our Ernest Hemingway
china cabinet here. Retail on it was $8,995 - but we paid only $695. Love it!
And then, from across the room, I saw it... The white-washed bed
and bedroom armoire/entertainment cabinet I've been looking for
From the Felicity Bedroom collection!
And, this is why I love the Thomasville Outlet store...
Retail on the bed frame = $3,474, outlet price $495 - What!?
Oh, and because sales in the name of Memorial Day, Labor Day
and Veteran's Day irritate me I told the sales person NOT to
discuss with me the reason she was taking 20% off the price today
$3,480 for you - $495 (less 20%) for me
If I had a spot for it, that lovely Tiffany-teal sofa would be mine!
Brandon and I got Goofy at the register

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Outside where the living is Easy!

A perfect ending to a perfect day - That's me sleeping in my hammock located in the most beautiful yard in the neighborhood and quite possibly in all of the City!
Lunch on the deck
Every time the sprinklers come on it sounds like we live
on a Golf course. Thank goodness we don't though because who 
wants to hear mowers and blowers first thing in the morning? 
Every day in this hammock looking over this yard feels like a Gift
Staring up at the big, blue sky
Look closely and you'll see Ducks on take off...
Just when I thought this arrangement couldn't get any prettier 
he adds one of his rhododendron blossoms and makes it so
We're off to Thomasville in the morning to take in the area's only Memorial Day parade. See you there!