Sunday, March 14, 2010

The excitement of Spring!

I'm so Excited I can't sit still! A lot of it has to do with the fact that there are
spring Daffodils popping open all over the property. But some of it has to do with
this beautiful, hand-scraped, solid wood, Virginia Mill Works hardwood flooring we
found yesterday. Rush Limbaugh sent us to Lumber Liquidators, and the moment we
saw this gorgeous, Matterhorn Birch we knew we'd found the perfect replacement for
the carpeting in our bedroom. Installation begins this Tuesday, and I can't wait!    

For me, daylight-saving Sunday signals the beginning of spring. It's
also the Sunday I bring out all of my Easter table/tree decorations 

I know I say this every year, but my Oma's Easter tree
decorations make this my prettiest Easter-tree yet! 

Every year I also promise not to add anything to my collection of Easter
decorations but these Bees I found at the Briar Patch today were a must have!
Do you see the Bee in the flowers?

So cute!

I hope Woodstock doesn't get stung by that bee buzzing over his head!

I knew this table runner I found at Pottery Barn
last night would be perfect for my Easter table! 

Something else I found at the Briar Patch this morning is this pink
jasmine Circle topiary. I put it out on the table in the solarium,
and now the solarium smells amazing. Wait! What is that I see?

Why, it's another Bumble bee on top of my jasmine!


    I love your table decor-just beautiful! Very creative.
    You are going to love the wood floors. Happy Spring :)

  2. Oh, WAIT...wait...and what is that I see? A favorite cute little bunny from Briar Patch, I see. I love that cute thing. Quit taking pictures of it because he is looking at me. LOL

  3. Very cute and cheery! You are ready for Spring!

  4. CUTE CUTE Janet!! and those wood floors are going to be gorgeous!♥

    it was so fun talking to you the other day....even if it was real sound JUST the way I imagined....SWEET!!


  5. So stinkin' cute! Love the bumble bees and that topiary is adorable. You are inspiring me to do some spring decorating. :)

  6. You're so cute! I love your Oma's decorations and the bees complete it all.

  7. Gosh, everything looks so cute and springy!!!


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