Friday, March 26, 2010

Bedroom Hardwoods

It's been a couple of long days for me and Bing. We've had to
move out of the bedroom and take everything in it with us
in order to have the carpeting replaced with hardwood
flooring. Now that it's all said and done, I'm really
pleased, and looking forward to sleeping in!   

The carpet wasn't terrible. I picked it out. I especially
liked the name of the color. It was, cheesecake!

But I prefer hardwood to carpeting. We have it downstairs, except
for in the den and living room, and I love how easy it is to clean and
keep clean. So after hearing Rush Limbaugh, you know...The man
that is the syrup to my pancakes, talk about Lumber Liquidators
all these years, I decided it was past time to check them out. Luckily
for us, moving out of the bedroom proved to be the only difficult
thing about shopping for and installing our beautiful new flooring!

Turns out, we have a fabulous Lumber Liquidators showroom/sales office
nearby. Almost immediately, we both knew exactly what we wanted, and we
were thrilled to learn it was in stock and ready to be loaded into our truck
right away! Throw in a very helpful sales staff, and Lumber Liquidators
left us no reason to second-guess our decision! By the way... Bing hated
moving out of the bedroom! There was strong protest and even growling!

But like most things worth-while, you just have to do it if you're
going to decide to do it, and keep pushing until you get there! 

Because in the end, you'll be Happy you did!

Very happy! Honestly! Have you ever seen prettier floors? Well, if
you've been to a Lumber Liquidator showroom, you might come close!
(Click any photos to enlarge)

The best part of today was coming home to
find all of my stuff put back where it belonged!

All I had to do was put fresh sheets on the bed,
which is something I do every Friday anyway...

I love this floor! It's warm, comfy, and handscraped to
appear naturally worn. Very cottage. Don't you think? 

It's called Matterhorn Birch. See it here

I was amazed by how affordable quality solid wood flooring like this
is at Lumber Liquidators. You would fall out of your chair if I told
you how much we spent to put that engineered stuff I don't even like
in the kitchen. And yes... That floor is on my hit-list to replace too!

Now all my bedroom needs is a walk-in closet. Oh,
how much I miss my California walk-in closet!

But I don't miss the traffic noise that came with that fabulous closet!

The only draw-back to having my things put back before I got
home was that he discovered all of my little stashes of goodies
stock-piled here and there. He said 200 pounds of lotions, body
washes and candles was too much. So to make peace I may have
promised to stop shopping on Thursdays. For a little while...  


  1. The flooring looks wonderful. Your room looks very relaxing...I could curl up and read a book for hours in that chair. I think we are similar....I buy my favorite things when they are on sale and I stock up. I have many little secret stashes here and there. Ha! Have a good weekend.

  2. Okay Janet!
    When I come to North Janet's Cooking School...I wanna sleep in THAT POTTERY BARN bedroom!
    For crying out loud...
    that looks like a PBarn freakin catalog!!!!!! ;o)
    You have what I have always wanted to either side of my bed...the wall lamps!!!!! Oh so chic!
    I love the whole room!
    The floors really make your pickled furniture POP!
    So now let's talk about what the HECK all that lotion and tolietrees are about!
    When I come to your house...
    I'm loading up!!!! Ha..haha! ;o)
    Do you just Stock up or WHAT????!!!
    And look how organized your dvds are for crying out loud!
    Oh...this is too much! ;o)
    Love it!
    How sweet for your hub to have it alllll back in place when his queen came home!
    Greg would have done the same thing!
    Glad Mr. Bing survived the ordeal!
    So funnnnny him perched up on the rolled carpet!
    Have you put that Easter basket with those cookies in the mail to me yet?
    If you mail it tomorrow...I will get it for Easter! ;o)
    Happy Weekend Sweet Friend!
    I love everything about your house! And you are making me want robin's egg BLUE walls sooooo bad! xxooxx

  3. Janet,
    WOW the floors are great and your room is beautiful!!!! I just love every inch of it :) What a pretty space to have, I'm so happy for you to have it all put back together. Have a great night sleep in you extremely lovely room!

  4. Good Lord woman. How much body wash do you need?! Is that 36 bottles I counted? ha ha! Yeah, I'd say 200 pounds is about right :-)

    Your bedroom is so pretty and light. I love our bedroom but it's so dark in there. We call is our dungeon. ha! It's great for sleeping otherwise it's just dark.

    I think what I like most are your monogrammed pillow cases. pretty!

    Love your floors too, although I liked that cheesecake carpet too!

    Happy Saturday!

  5. Looks GORGEOUS!!.....and I just want to snuggle up in that bed!!....OMG the linens look like a 5 star hotel! DELICIOUS!♥

    WOW that SOME stash you have there! lol....can I go shopping with you Janet? you don't already make me want to spend money.....

  6. Your floors look great! and i love your bedroom it looks like a picture out of a magazine.

  7. Just beautiful! I also love hardwood floors. I've heard of Lumber Liquidators but certainly not from Rush. We have so much in common, but admiration for Rush is not one of them. That's one of the best things about blogland. So many similarities and respect for the differences.

  8. Can I come live with you?!?! Your bedroom looks like an OASIS!!!

  9. That bedroom would fit in perfectly here in New England. Totally my taste. Love it. Exquisite!

  10. The flooring looks great! Funny that your carpet color was cheesecake. The carpet I picked out for our living room is shortbread. I think the name is what sold the color!


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