Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sugar cookie How-to class!

A few of my Friends at work know about my blog. And, the
thing I get asked the Most, besides who cleans my pool and does
my landscaping, is how do I bake and decorate my Sugar cookies

So tonight, I held a little Demonstration and, how-to class in my kitchen!

We had a great group tonight! Our youngest was 14, and our wisest was
84! Everyone said they tried to Duplicate my success with sugar cookies
over Christmas, but no one was satisfied with their results. So I offered
to Show & Tell and let them Follow and Do... And you know what?

Everyone got the hang of it Super-quickly!

We turned Dots into hearts. We marbled, swirled, glittered
with fine Sanding sugars, and even wrote on our cookies too!

By the second cookie, everyone was outlining and Flood-icing like pros!

After the Class ended and my sweet guests, turned decorating pros left
with their beautiful cookies, and Vowing to spend the weekend creating
more on their own, it was my turn to bang out the rest of my Shamrocks

Because I have several care-Packages going out this week...

Mom and Dad have an anniversary next week...
They're celebrating 48-years of wedded bliss!

Which calls for Cookies! Don't you think?

And of course, there's the Ranger. He has a birthday next week...

And, that Definitely calls for cookies!

Of course, some of these will end up at Work too!

And these... Well, these are for Mr. B's
Master Gardener class tomorrow morning!

I sure Enjoyed tonight's little Cookie how-to fest. Good
time spent with Great friends. Doesn't get much better!

Want a Shamrock Cookie Cutter of your Very own!?
Well, then you simply must rush on over to Diane's blog to
join her giveaway! Click here now to enter, and Good Luck! 


  1. What a fun night!
    They look beautiful :)

  2. Ah, such fun! THe cookies look great. Now when are your loyal blogger friends going to get a show and tell/ how-to on this blog? ha ha!

    I hope all your guests will be able to whip up their own cookies next time. great job teacher!

  3. They turned out beautiful!! and I'm sure everyone had fun!!


  4. They turned out BEAUTIFUL! and I'm sure everyone had fun!

  5. I love your sparkly shamrocks!!! Looks like your class was a great success!

  6. I am just fascinated that your cookies turn out this PERFECT!
    See...I meant what I said when I SAID I need a Tutorial weekend at your house!
    Now...a couple of questions....
    How long did you let that outline icing dry with the sprinkles before you flooded with the green. did you keep the green sprinkles from getting on the white sprinkled piping/outline?
    And when you have a moment let me know how you get the cookies rolled out so evenly so that all the cookies are uniform!
    Oh I am so glad you can send your Ranger cookies!!!!!!! Oh how he must adore receiving your goodies!!!
    And your parents too....happy anniversary to those two!
    You seem very close to your mom and dad just like I am! ;o)
    Happy Day Janet!
    Loved seeing the decorating Show and Tell...yeah!

  7. So jealous over here in blog-land! I would LOVE to have you teach me how to make your cookies. I have looked at a lot of cookies online and none of them look as clean/classy/and professional as yours. What a talent! Glad you all had fun and that you were able to help them become cookie "pro's" too. :)

  8. What beautiful cookies. Mine never quite look so evenly beautiful but I keep on trying.

  9. Your shamrocks look fantastic!!! What a GREAT idea to get everyone together for a cookie decorating tutorial! FUN!!!

  10. I think your blog is fantastic and I love the way it's set up and all your wonderful photo's. This will definitely be a blog that I keep track of. I can't wait to see your next post and your next cookie order. Keep up the good work. I'm very impressed. I wish you the best of luck in all you do.
    Renee @kudoskookies

  11. Simply beautiful! What a fun evening to share your talents with your friends!
    I'm so looking forward to our Spring Hop Party!


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