Friday, March 26, 2010

Bing's rough day Give-away & Cookies explained!

Winner of the book, Cookie Craft is STEPHANIE!
Please send me your street address and I
will mail your book Monday morning!

Greetings Spring Blog-Hoppers! It's day Five and you know what
that means! It means it's Cindy's turn to delight you over at her
blog, Skip to my Lou. Doesn't just hearing, Skip to My Lou make you
smile? It sure makes Me smile! And, it takes me right back to the first grade
when I skipped practically Everywhere I went! If you ask me, there needs to be
more Skip in our steps. So slip on your Mary Jane's and skip on over to Cindy's blog!

Before we talk about Bing's rough day Give-away and I share with you a little more
about the Easter cookies I created for my turn at our Spring blog-hop, allow me to Thank
all of you for the Wonderful comments/words of encouragement you left on yesterday's
post. My family, and all of my friends know that I picked up creating Sugar cookies as
a hobby last year to, (cope) keep myself busy, (busier) after our sweet boy left college
to become an Army Airborne Ranger. I find that creating and decorating baked goods
somehow Quiets my mind and allows me the control I need over those scary
thoughts that creep in when I'm not going 100MPH. Therefore, hearing that you
enjoy the things I create while in my own little Therapy-zone was a true bonus!

Now... On we go!

What you see here is a Typical morning in the life of our Bing-kitty...

Compared to the cat that lives in the concrete drainage Ditch pipe down the
street, Bing's days are pretty comfy and care-free. The only thing Bing doesn't
tolerate well is strangers. He loathes strangers... He growls any time a vehicle stops
near our home. He growls at the UPS truck, the mail truck and the guy that comes to
mow the neighbor's lawn, across the street! Honestly, the monthly monitoring fee
we pay to ADT is a complete waste because it's Bing who alerts us to any strangers
coming in, or that come around the house. Bingee is the Best guard-cat, ever!

So because we know this about Bing, we do our very best not to upset him. However,
sometimes it just can't be helped. And today was one of those times... You see, we
decided to replace the carpeting we had installed in the Master bedroom when
we bought the house a few years ago with hardwood floors. Which meant we
had to Vacate everything from the room to allow stranger-installers in!

And... That didn't go well. This is Bing this morning... Guarding his carpet,
and the bedroom door. And Growling at the installers. If ever there was a more
fitting caption for a photo, I think, Hell No, We Won't Go! is it for this one!

So because poor Bing spent most of his day crouched behind the dryer, and you've
been patient in allowing me to tell you his story of woe, you Deserve a give-away! And,
because this post is about to get down to some serious Cookie decorating business,
I can't think of a better book to offer you than, Cookie Craft, authored by Valerie
Peterson and Janice Fryer. I ordered three copies last year after I discovered Bridget's
blog, went Crazy for her cookies, became inspired and then felt terrible about the
way I peppered her with How-to questions. So I sent her a copy, (like she needed
it, right!? Ha!) and I kept two for myself. Why two? Because I was sure I would
spill or splatter something on one and wanted a clean copy for my Cookbook
library. But now that it's been a year and my copy is still so perfectly clean, I
am ready to part with my spare! Even if you are a cookie decorating Pro,
there is something you'll discover that's either new or that Inspires you
toward improving your own techniques. What I learned flipping through it
again this week as I created Wedding favor cookies is how to properly apply
pearl Disco-dust, (luster dust) to my cookies to make them sparkle, shine and
frankly, make them look like a satin wedding dress! So if you would like to Add
this book to your library, take a look at the Following photos of my cookies
and leave a comment Telling me which is your favorite cutter and cookie

If you were with me yesterday and read THIS, then you already know that
my Spring Blog-hop give-away was sponsored by the fine people at And, you know that Beth, the owner of not only sent me a Decorating set for my
give-away, she also very Generously sent me the order I
placed for Easter cookie cutters without charging me!

Opening my order packages from is always like
unwrapping Christmas presents. But Free? Well, that's just crazy-Fun!

Especially when things I hadn't thought of ordering were added to my
order - Such as these icing eyes! Oh, yes! not only
offers us the Best, American made, hand-crafted copper cookie cutters
ever... They carry every other thing necessary to create Amazing decorated
cookies, cakes, cupcakes or whatever! Icing eyes.. Who knew? This totally
solves all of my piped eyeball issues! You want blue eyes or another color?
They have them! And, how cute are those Hopping bunnies I ordered?

Now before this Easter cookie cutter order I placed, I ordered
wedding cookie cutters last month to create some possible Favor
cookies for a wedding planner I know who thinks her bride
might like to invite them to her reception!

And I have to tell you... One of the many reasons I love copper cookie
cutters from is that they are perfect. They are heavy,
evenly weighted, comfortable and best of all, they create Sharp outlines!

And, I mean Sharp! THIS dress cutter could be a sweet-16 cookie too!

So even with Minimal decoration, you get what you're after!

The full Skirt on this cookie cutter allows for a
monogram or name to be Written on it too!

These icing flowers are also from, and while
they disclaim that they can't guarantee you'll receive your
icing shapes intact, the way they package ensures that you will!

See my pearl Disco-dust application here? I love
it! I loved the way it made my Dresses look so
much, I used it on my Easter lambs too!

Here's something else I love! This is the cookie
I created using the Fish decorating set

The possibilities with this are Endless!

Now for the Easter cutter cookies! I received so many
e-mails yesterday asking me which
cutters I used. So let me tell you... This one is here

This is the sheep cookie I created using This cutter. I call
all sheep Q-tips. I just love, love, wooly sheep!

Someone in Texas will see this Q-tip show up
in their mailbox very soon... Will it be you?

For this darling Bunny I used THIS cutter, and for the egg, use THIS

Soft, sweet. Edible!

No yolks!

I almost skipped the Sanding sugar on my carrots...

But then I went for it!

I ordered this Big Bunny cutter because
it makes the perfect Gift-size cookie!

This is Brandon's bunny... Pure white. Like my Ranger's heart

Most of you know I want to have Chickens in a bad way. You also
know I crave a perfect yard and my sleep. Well, my husband says
that despite what Martha tells me, I cannot have all three. Martha
has staff, he reminds me. And I, don't, he also reminds me. So this
sweet chick is the closest I'll get to having Chickens in my yard!

No easter cookie Collection would
be complete without THIS carrot!

So do tell... Which was your Favorite cutter? Don't
forget to let me know for a chance to Win! Contest ends Saturday at noon,
EST so that winner may receive it before Easter. US Residents only,
please! Check back Saturday evening for the announcement of winner


  1. I love love love them all, you are so amazing! Your attention to detail is wonderful.
    All the cutters are fabulous! choose a favorite, I'd say the sheep.
    Bing is so cute, sitting on the carpet! The protector :)

  2. A guard cat that growls? who knew?! ha ha!

    I always love looking at your cookies because, like Diane said, your attention to detail is amazing. i don't know which cookie I like best because they're all so darn cute.

    I do have to say that those icing bunnies on the eggs are darling. I'll have to get me some of those.

    BTW, that is a great book. Have you seen their mini Christmas version? Some great stuff in there too.

  3. "Hell NO! We wont Go!" -is the perfect caption for that picture! LOL

    I agree with Diane....your detail in your cookies is AMAZING!! I too started doing cookies about this time last year (can't do what you do! LOL)....and it was all because of Bridget! We both must have been slamming her with questions at the same time!

    Ok, for the cookie cutters...I want MANY of them...but I think I really need the dress, since I have 2 girls!!

    I don't have any cookie books...and that is one on my list.

    Really've GOT to quite making me want to SPEND! lol

    Thanks for a great post!!

  4. I really like the fish and fishbowl, that is really fun. I also think the chick is too cute.

  5. I just found your site. Cute stuff!! I Love the big Easter Bunny!!

  6. Just found your site. Cute stuff. I LOVE the big Easter Rabbit. So fun!!!

  7. The fishbowl, hands down. I need one of those!

  8. Hi there
    They are sooooo cute - you are wonderful - wow so creative (hey - that carrot could be a rocket shipdon't ya think?)
    The big bunny is my absolute favorite

  9. How can I choose just one? I think that they are all cute. I really like the carrot...I think it is fun! I also like the bunny (side view) and the lamb. I think that I would make the lamb the most though. Very fun for Easter.

  10. Ok girl! Now I want to stop decorating cupcakes and start decorating cookies! WOW! Those are just amazing!
    And Mr. Bing Man! Looks like he needs a girl friend to keep him company! Maybe he would growl at her too! :-)
    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful cookies with us!

  11. Those toes are stinkin' cute!!!!!

  12. Janet, you are AMAZING! I can only hope my cookies turn out 1/2 as lovely as yours! And BING...he is awesome, I love his attitude!


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