Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've got some Esplain'in to do!

I feel like I have some Explaining to do... Like, I owe you answers. And, you're right. I do.

After all, as much as I enjoy this little on-line Diary of mine and don't really mind talking to myself, which I often consider to be some of the best and most Productive conversations I have... I am quite aware of the many sweet and loyal, stranger-friends who pop over to check in on me too. So for the valued readers that don't see me every day, or chat with me enough to know the motivations behind my Blog make-over, this is for you. And, for those of you who do see me every day, you already know this is about a Blog make-over because clearly, we all know I am way over-due on my annual haircut!

So what of this Blog make-over? Well, it's not really a huge deal. Just something I've been wanting to do for a while that I finally got to do when I found GreenLava at, BloggerSentral.

It began with a question about how I might add a navigation bar, which quickly developed into a migraine and plea to have him to do it for me - Because that's what naturally occurs when I hear the words, "To edit your template, replace the following HTML code..."

Our subsequent conversations about what I wanted to do were so effortless, (for me... I can't speak for him!) and before I knew it, I had a willing partner, someone dedicated, despite the fifteen hour time difference between us, to bringing my Vision for a new layout to life. Truthfully, the only difficult aspect of working with GreenLava was getting him to accept payment. And, even after I finally did throw out a number, he suggested I keep 20% for the, "work" I did to collaborate with him. Silly guy!

Nevertheless, even if your blog doesn't need a Make-over, I strongly suggest you check out BloggerSentral for all your Blogger template and header questions. GreenLava's website is by far the most Informative and user-friendly resource I've found. And, he's for hire!

Now that you know how my blog Make-over happened, allow me a minute or two to tell you a couple of things about the new look. First of all, I wanted to keep the Clean design of my previous blog header, but I also wanted to incorporate some of my photos to make my header appear Seasonal. If you have been following my Blog, then you might recognize the new header photos as ones I took in his gorgeous garden last Spring/Summer. Overall, I like my new look, and I especially enjoy the Honey bees GreenLava incorporated into the spring theme. Don't you?

Also new to my Blog is a linked button on the left side, just under my photo-scroll and the new, Search my Blog widget.

This button for The Wounded Warrior Project is very important to me. You see, we've been proud supporters of The Wounded Warrior Project even before our sweet boy joined the Army last year. I am so grateful for their support of our wounded Troops and their families, I just can't put it into words for you. But let me say this... The Wounded Warrior Project ensures that no soldier ever has to return home without knowing the Support and appreciation of his or her country... As was sadly, and all too often the case when my dear dad and his Fellow soldiers returned home from Vietnam.

So I like to think of The Wounded Warrior Project as a group of big-hearted patriots that not only get it Right for our Troops today, but who also go a long way toward healing wounds of the past.

Aside from the donations we've made, and the fact that I was ready to sell the house and move to Washington, DC to pursue their open position for Administrative Assistant last December, The Wounded Warrior Project doesn't know who I am. And, they have no idea I've linked to their website on my speck of the Blogosphere. But I have, and now you know it too.

I am asking you to take a moment, or three, to learn more about them and to read the profiles of some of the brave Warriors The Wounded Warrior Project works so hard to support. Oh, and I would appreciate it if you would make a Donation in any amount you can afford.

If you do this, this Captain's Daughter turned, proud-but-terrified Army Mom will consider it a personal favor. And... She will Love you forever!


  1. I'm lovin your new look! Spring is in the air with all your beautiful photos. Great post too!

  2. YEAH!!! you did it!! that was FAST!! Everything looks GREAT Janet!!

  3. I love the bees!
    The Wounded Warrior Project is a great cause! Good for you with all your efforts, and bless your son for his service!

  4. Love your new look....great cause you're support, too! Yay for you, Janet!

  5. I'm supposed to say I love it but I am such a creature of habit. I liked how your pictures were bigger in the old one, I think. Or maybe it's just the bright green that I'm not loving just yet. Oh but wait, just give me a little bit of time and I'll get used to this one, too. Of course I love you all the time and I adore you, too. (oh and that cute Briar Patch bunny, of course.) I just tend to be a little shy when it's new.

  6. I just like that your pictures are a part of the header and I like how each season will be different (luck me, I've seen them!)

    It just seems more personal, more YOU!


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