Sunday, May 31, 2009

Loving days like This!

Couldn't go to Costco this afternoon without stopping in
at Home Goods. I just can't. I haven't tried, but I already know
I can't. I'm glad I did because a new St. Francis was there waiting for
me! T returned the last one I bought. He said the scale was all wrong for
his Garden. I knew he was right so I let it go... We agree this is Much better! 
It's days like this one that make me Forget that
it's been raining off and on for Three weeks!
My fish didn't mind the Rain as much as I did!
St. Francis would want me to Forgive the weather. So I shall.
Besides, rain makes for great Green!
And, this is Pretty great green!
I hardly Complain at all on days like this!
You can't see them but Four ducks just flew into the
area by the pond. It's their Dinnertime now
This afternoon I learned that the Spiky yellow
plant is Carolina Lupine, which I find is divine!
I think those are the Last two blooms on the clematis by
the fountain. The next time it Blooms will be late summer...
I'm in no particular Hurry for it, believe me! 
What a beautiful Day this was today! 
We took dinner out on the Deck this evening and the whole
time we were Watched by that squirrel on that chair down there
(click to enlarge)
Pretty Fantastic!
and, no Piggy after-taste!


Order of the day...
Got my 84 early this morning so this was pretty Much the plan for today!
Oh! And, this! Ever since I picked up the Crock Pot BBQ Pit I have wanted to try
making Babyback ribs. Despite the fact that I don't care for Pork or meat on a bone
So as I floated around in the Perfect 84 degrees, I began thinking about what else
I might prepare for Dinner that doesn't have that Piggy after-taste I so dislike
As much as I hated to leave my spot and all the beautiful Sunshine, we did. It was 
the Quickest trip to Costco I think we've ever made! One new cordless Phone set, two
boxes of trash can liners, three bottles of Clorox II, one massive bucket of
Chlorine tablets and this marinated Flank steak later, we were Out of there! 
The pool was Calling my name so this prep took all of Ten seconds
And, while I did More of this...
Our flank Steak did this...
As soon as the Peppers and onion cook down it'll be Dinnertime!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A big Break!

After far too many weeks of spring Rain we finally got a big break today. Bright sunshine and not a Cloud in the sky! So you know Where I spent the day... Outside, of course! At first, it was just a lot of me outside Shuttling things over to William's new apartment. But eventually, Me-time did arrive. And, it was Fantastic!

The sky pencils by the Pool doubled in height this Spring
I prefer the pool at 84 degrees but I was
more than Happy for the 82 it was today!
I was against Sky pencils when he planted them. I thought
they were all Wrong for this spot
But once again, the one of us that knows Gardening knew best
His delphinium Deserves another look today!
Such a beautiful Lavender color
This yellow-Spiky plants seems to have come Up overnight!
I don't know what This plant is... But I like it!

Saturday Morning with my Bing!

Good Morning!

Some people have guard Dogs. We have Bing. He growls at the FedEx guy,
and, he's growling in bed this morning because someone just Pulled into
the neighbors Driveway across the street. It's not ADT that keeps us safe...

I think I'm about to be Pounced!

Come on, Bing! Let's get our Day started and go watch
the Birdies from the solarium over a little breakfast. I'm
guessing you'd like to have some Fancy Feast...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally Friday!

This will be a Strange weekend for me... It's the weekend we become Empty nesters. The first weekend in Twenty-one years that our house will Sleep only two. I am exactly the same age my Mom was when I moved out at Eighteen. Feels strange... 

Looks like I'm not the only one about to Clear the nest...
These teenagers are on their Way out too! I bet that when I
peek in on this Nesting box tomorrow it'll be empty. Kinda like
the third Bedroom upstairs that Overlooks this beautiful garden
Man! For some reason, this was a Long, short week! I'm not the only one
that Feels this way either... Everyone at the Office was feeling it too. Can't say
why the week seemed to Drag but it did. Now that the week is Behind me it's time
to unwind in the Garden. Nothing relaxes me Better than seeing my ducks enjoying
their Dinner by the pond! Some people Relax with wine, for me it's this!
Seeing bloomers Helps too!
Fortunately for me... There are Lots to see!
Everywhere and all Around!
I get why people Love azaleas so much...
Is there anything Better than these late-Blooming azaleas?
I enjoy how this red Azalea hugs the Corner of this garden bed
Oh my! The fire Lily has decided to Join us!
I love Delphinium, especially this Lavender color!
Delphinium is part of the Buttercup family - too Cute
As you can See... I have not yet Won the battle of the two Pine
trees to be planted. Nevertheless, I love coming home to this View!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

See this Face? This is the face of the Kitty that searched for
his Buddy all night long. The face of the kitty that kept me Awake all
night while he searched... See? I'm not the only one missing Brandon!
Outside tonight I found more Purple bloomers waiting for me
I love these Rhododendrons. We picked them up at a Produce stand
in Cana, Virginia a few years ago and they Love this spot in our garden
The climbing Rose on the split-rail fence in the front yard is taking off too
It's called Fourth of July, and it shows!
We tend to buy plants and Trees first, without having a specific Plan in mind for where
they might Fit in our gardens. Usually, it's not a problem because they Speak up pretty quick
after we get them Home to tell us where they belong... But that hasn't been the case with these cute
little blue Pine trees. For six months they've been sitting on the steps on the Deck waiting for us to
agree. Six months we've been going Around about these trees. He says they Spoke to being planted
on either side of Cousin It, aka the Canadian Hemlock. I disagree. To me, they say here...
But he disagrees. And, to be truthful, I really don't want to Block the view of
the Firepit we enjoy from the Solarium. But I absolutely don't like them on either
side of Cousin It, because I think he's a Star and should own his Garden stage
without any Distraction of his beauty. Especially in Winter when he's all Lit up!
So we'll see if these are in the Ground in my spot or his spot tomorrow. So far, it's been three hours
since I last moved them back into my Spot. Who will win? He says it'll be the one that actually plants
them. Now I'm seriously Considering locating his shovel and putting on my Gardening boots!
But who has Time to plant trees when there are Ducks to play with?