Monday, March 1, 2010

Mail that made me Cry and smile...

Before I can tell you about the Mail that came for me today,
I must show you this piece of Unfinished business...

You'll remember I told you yesterday how happy I was to see that Mr. B
decided to honor my wish to put my Christmas gingerbread cottage out for
our raccoon family to enjoy - Rather than Toss it into his compost heap... 
Which would have probably just made it more of a Challenge for them!

Oh, how I wondered what I might see this morning. I imagined Finding my little
cottage chewed up into bits. But no! It's as if my cottage Disappeared. Or
was carried off whole! Because there was Nothing left! Not a crumb...

This singular, tiny ball of sugar is all that remains of my Sweet
cottage. Boy! I sure do wish I could have Witnessed the feast! 

You know... My blogger-Friends seem to always know just what I need after
a tough day. And today was a tough day for sure! Do you follow Diane? Well,
if you don't, please pop over to visit her Blog, (click here) immediately! I
have only been following Diane's beautiful blog for a few months, but
already I know we're going to be friends for Forever and a day!

Recently, after I blogged about my considerable but no less Unsuccessful
efforts to locate the Wilton comfort grip Shamrock cookie cutter, Diane made
it her own business to send me one! I love it! Especially since I am hosting a
sugar cookie baking/decorating Fest, (class) at my house in a week that's
centered around the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday. Is it a holiday?
Hum... Well, it is for me! Any way, I'm thrilled to have this Sweet cookie
cutter sent to me by an even Sweeter friend. But I do have to let you in on
a little secret... Mostly, it is Diane's lovely note that really Made my day!

It was just what I needed after reading this
other piece of mail that came for me today...
Grab a Tissue. Then click photo once to enlarge


  1. Janet, I am so glad you received you little package today,and Brandon will remain in my prayers. You are so wonderful :) I cannot get over the gingerbread funny! only a speck left, you sure have hungry raccoons.

  2. They ate the entire thing! What a feast!

    And what a sweet gesture to send you the cookie cutter you've been looking for.

    I have a package for your Ranger ready to go out to him tomorrow.

    hugs, Monica

  3. We are keeping him...and you...on our prayers here in Texas! I didn't know they sent letters like that!

    Diane...what a sweetie!

    The gingerbread house!!! Oh, I wish you had some Army ranger night vision cameras on that!


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