Monday, March 1, 2010

Mail that made me Cry and smile...

Before I can tell you about the Mail that came for me today,
I must show you this piece of Unfinished business...

You'll remember I told you yesterday how happy I was to see that Mr. B
decided to honor my wish to put my Christmas gingerbread cottage out for
our raccoon family to enjoy - Rather than Toss it into his compost heap... 
Which would have probably just made it more of a Challenge for them!

Oh, how I wondered what I might see this morning. I imagined Finding my little
cottage chewed up into bits. But no! It's as if my cottage Disappeared. Or
was carried off whole! Because there was Nothing left! Not a crumb...

This singular, tiny ball of sugar is all that remains of my Sweet
cottage. Boy! I sure do wish I could have Witnessed the feast! 

You know... My blogger-Friends seem to always know just what I need after
a tough day. And today was a tough day for sure! Do you follow Diane? Well,
if you don't, please pop over to visit her Blog, (click here) immediately! I
have only been following Diane's beautiful blog for a few months, but
already I know we're going to be friends for Forever and a day!

Recently, after I blogged about my considerable but no less Unsuccessful
efforts to locate the Wilton comfort grip Shamrock cookie cutter, Diane made
it her own business to send me one! I love it! Especially since I am hosting a
sugar cookie baking/decorating Fest, (class) at my house in a week that's
centered around the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday. Is it a holiday?
Hum... Well, it is for me! Any way, I'm thrilled to have this Sweet cookie
cutter sent to me by an even Sweeter friend. But I do have to let you in on
a little secret... Mostly, it is Diane's lovely note that really Made my day!

It was just what I needed after reading this
other piece of mail that came for me today...
Grab a Tissue. Then click photo once to enlarge


  1. Janet, I am so glad you received you little package today,and Brandon will remain in my prayers. You are so wonderful :) I cannot get over the gingerbread funny! only a speck left, you sure have hungry raccoons.

  2. They ate the entire thing! What a feast!

    And what a sweet gesture to send you the cookie cutter you've been looking for.

    I have a package for your Ranger ready to go out to him tomorrow.

    hugs, Monica

  3. Awww... My heart is with you.

  4. We are keeping him...and you...on our prayers here in Texas! I didn't know they sent letters like that!

    Diane...what a sweetie!

    The gingerbread house!!! Oh, I wish you had some Army ranger night vision cameras on that!


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