Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big Project! Just what I need right now...

No phone calls since Friday night. Tomorrow is his birthday too. Technically,
where he is, it's already tomorrow and his birthday. Not being able to let him know
how much I love him, and wish we were celebrating his birthday together is really
beginning to take its toll. Worried. Sad. Doesn't begin to cover it for me. The only
thing that seems to help, besides Shopping, is keeping very, very busy. So I bang it
out all day at work, and then Create things to do for myself to do in the hours between
coming home and when I have to be back at the office. I accepted a resume project this
week... And, I did not even blink before saying, Sure! when I was asked if I might
be interested in creating 300 decorated cookies. You know what they say... 

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

By the end of his Deployment, I should
pretty much be able to bend Steel with my toes!

In the meantime, I have to figure out a Way to
create 300 bathroom-guys out of Royal icing!

So far... I'm hopeful that this Technique will do the trick!

You're dying to know why Bathroom-guys, aren't
you? Well, you're just going to have to be patient!


  1. I hope you hear from his soon. Real soon. Happy birthday to him!

    Bathroom guys? Don't make me wait. I wanna know!

  2. I can't wait to hear why you are making 300 bathroom guys!

  3. you such a tease Janet!!.......hope you heard from your birthday boy! ♥

  4. Janet Sweet Janet I quite simply can't imagine what you must go through wondering...waiting...hoping...
    praying...wishing...about your dear Ranger!
    Peace be with you sweet one!
    I can't think of a better way to calm oneself than creating ICED SUGAR COOKIES!!!
    You go girl!
    Now I CAN think of CUTER...more therapeutic things to decorate a cookie with than BATHROOM BOYS but if this is what it must be...then I will say...YOU have perfected the BATHROOM BOY my friend!
    Hang in there!
    Oh I know the Ranger must feel your love every moment of every day!
    Sending Bing sweet snuggles!

  5. I'm coming to do an intervention. 300???? Good grief woman! You are nuts which is why I love you so much. Wish I could be there to give you a hand.

  6. I was going to ask what's up with the bathroom guys, but you beat me to it??? Anyway, they are impressive!

  7. Bathroom guys!!! Oh, this is going to be GOOD!


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