Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Fling!

This is the second time I've served my sweet mini Cupcakes and
the second time I've had to explain that they Really are real!
It was also the Second time I used my galvanized tiered serving piece
too! Here it is last fall pulling duty during the Garden tour we hosted
I just keep loving it more! Tonight it was the Perfect spot for all of
the Easter treats I put together for the sweet young ladies that joined us!  
As pretty as my goodie-Buffet in the solarium was tonight, it was
his gorgeous Yard that got all the attention... As is usually does!
A little bit of attention was paid to the
wine I served, which just Enhanced the view!
Spring has just started to Pop and already the yard is incredible!
It was a wonderful little party. And, Yes!
They really are Real cupcakes... Have one!


  1. I would reach through the screen and grab onr or three of those cupcakes if I could. believe me.

    But really I just want to walk barefoot through your grass...(sigh).

  2. HI!
    Love the mini's * they are adorable and are probably "melt in your mouth" delicious!

    Your springtime decorations, goodies and beautiful yard are making me want to fast forward the rest of March {hearing it will revert to typical cold weather here in upstate, NY next week} I'll enjoy Saturday will be in the 60's here!
    Oh and I love the white ironstone in the previous post!
    Happy Saturday!
    ps. I added you to my blog roll a while ago, I enjoy visiting here... but for some reason your new posts don't update... Your link stays at the bottom...
    I'll try to figure it out!

  3. ps. I love the comment you left for Michael Lee... It was hysterical... and I thought it was the best LOL... it was tough thinking of one after I read that!

  4. Your cuppies were marvelous! Kelsie and I had a great time! Your yard is gorgeous I love it! Thanks for having us.

  5. Janet you have THE COOLEST stuff!! and those cupcakes look almost as fab as the yard! {wink}

    I got my package yesterday.....squeal!!!!! Off to email you right now!!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!

  6. If I came to your party, I would definitely pay more attention to your lovely (and yummy) food than any yard!

  7. I absolutely love your galvanized stand!!! Your little cupcakes are too cute to eat!

  8. Janet...everything looks wonderful!!! And I love your napkins! ;)

  9. Okay!
    I just passed out!
    Doogan ran in here!
    Greg is in Alaska!
    So Doogan had to revive me after PASSING OUT when I saw that you have that galvenized tiered stand that I sooooooooooo covet!!!!!!!!
    I want that sooooooooooo bad from PBarn!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And after he revived me!
    I passed out again when I saw those MINI ICED CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can I just say one thing!
    Whoever the lucky girl is...
    that marries the RANGER...
    is going to be ONE LUCKY LUCKY girl!!!!!!!
    If you were my Mom in Law I would be so in love with you it wouldn't even be FUNNNNNNNY!!!!
    I can't take it any longer!
    I am catching a glimpse of that new cake stand down on the next post and I am about to hyper-ventilate...I can't handle any more of this!!!!!
    I am coveting tooooo many things at once! ;o)


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