Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lovin' the mini!


My orchid is blooming!

And, she's Beautiful!

Until yesterday, I never considered baking Mini cupcakes. However, on a stop
into Sur la Table, all that changed in a second. Because as I browsed about, one
of the sales associates asked if I would like to sample their Cupcakes. When I
looked down at his table, I saw the Cutest mini cupcakes I had never seen before!

The associate was offering cupcake Samples to demonstrate
this decorating pen he was using. However, what I walked away
wanting to know is where they kept the Cute mini baking cups!

Sur la Table's sample cupcakes were Vanilla with a dab of strawberry
frosting on top. And, they were really good! I asked the associate if they might
be one of Ina Garten's cake mixes they sell... But giving me a little wink, he directed
my attention to the baker's rack behind him where he Pointed to an empty box of
regular old Duncan's vanilla and an open tub of Betty's strawberry frosting! 

I can So do that!

I tossed Ten packages of mini baking
cups into my Basket, and here we are!

No. I did not spring for the Decorating Pen. Because truthfully, it
looked like his cupcakes were decorated with pink Spray cheese!

I've been dying for a chance to use these fabulous Zebra-pink
liners Monica sent me last year, and I say Today is the day! 

Because 48-mini cupcakes later, we still have Way too much batter left over!

My guess is that one Mix would yield at least 250 mini cupcakes

Which is Good to know!

Because I'm lovin' the Mini cupcake!

Let's Decorate...

There are three decorating Tips I want to use

So far... I like this one Best!

So does Willie-pig!

So cute! So good...

And, So many!

Monica's liners are Beautiful! 

For years I wanted to decorate my cupcakes with this soft, 
marshmallow-looking frosting puff. But I could Never get it right... 

Then I found Monica's blog, asked her how she got her
frosting Puff on, and she sent me two of these. Two!

I hope she wasn't expecting me to share. Because I'm keeping both!

What I'm not keeping is all of these cupcakes! There are simply too
many. I think I'll pack some up to take to Work with me tomorrow!


  1. I've been wanting one of those big round tips!! I love that look! They don't sell that tip around here, but I've seen them online....note to self..."ORDER ONE" lol

    you cupcake look oh so yummy...did you just use the canned strawberry frosting????

  2. Those are very cute! I would love to see your kitchen! Your pictures are always amazing.

  3. Those are very cute! I would love to see your kitchen! Your pictures are always amazing.

  4. Love those cupcakes! Too bad you don't live closer. I know someone who can hook you up with free mixes and frostings ;)

  5. Yes, the mini are adorable. And made even cuter by the pink frosting. I'm glad you used your cupcake liners. They're so girly!

    "spray cheese" ha ha!

  6. Your orchid is so pretty and so are those cupcakes! Just stunning!I love my big round tip :)

  7. How cute!!! and your frosting turned out perfect.

    The great thing about the mini's is you don't have to eat a whole big cupcake. My problem is, I would probably eat 4 of them.


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