Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Pizzas!

When I walked by the Garden on my way to work this morning and
saw the huge flush of Basil I knew I'd be doing this for dinner tonight!
See those small tomatoes there? They are
our very First garden tomatoes of the year!
Now that the veg is scrubbed up it's time to make Pizza dough!
You know the Yeast is ready when the
kitchen begins to Smell like beer!
And you know the dough is ready when it Pulls away from the bowl
While the dough was Rising I prepared the cheese
All I need to be happy is Basil and tomatoes!
I'll have just enough time to prepare my pizzas while the stone Heats up 
Punched down and cut into Two pieces, the dough I made is just enough!
Dough is amazing, isn't it?
Rolling my cookies between parchment Works so well
for me, I thought I'd do my Pizza dough the same way!
See? It worked as well as I knew it would!
Funny how a man will always say Pepperoni
when you ask what he Wants on his pizza!
Look! The ducks are here for their Dinner too. I hope
they don't think what I have on the Grill is for them!
No pizza for you!
Pizza is for people!
Especially Good Pizza!
I hope they Understand... It's nothing personal!
If you're not making pizza on the Grill like this...
You really should!
There's nothing like it!
I tried to pick a pepper off his pizza but the Cheese is giving me away!
Onto my own pizza now... I don't care for Tomato sauce. As
much as I love tomatoes, I prefer my pizza without it!
Plain old tomato, Basil and mozzarella for me!
On a perfectly Grilled pizza crust!
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  1. I love your great grill stone, I either put my pizza right on the preheated grates or on an metal pizza pan but yours looks WAY COOL! YUM-great looking pizza, I love garden fresh tomatoes-I'm so glad you have them already, and oh the wonderful smell of fresh basil. LOVE IT! OK, I'm getting hungry :)

  2. Janet!
    I really do believe you are one of the most fascinating people I have ever had the pleasure to STUDY!
    Now I know that sounds weird...but I find myself just studying everything that you do!
    It alllll amazes me!
    I can do everything!
    I can't BELIEVE you have your own PIZZA stone!!!!!!!
    And do those ducks live in your yard!!!!
    Do you feed them!
    You are soooooo lucky to have live in ducks!
    And your pizza...well it looks like something out of a magazine!
    I mean really...I wanna come to your house and follow you around with a notepad and write down how you do EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
    What city do I fly into??????
    Love reading about your life! xo

  3. Your grill stone is SO cool! AND...yes...pepperoni...that is *always* my husband's answer!!! So funny..they are so predictable! ;)

  4. I've never grilled pizza because we don't have a grill. Can you believe that?! We live in TEXAS and don't have a grill. ha ha! Don't tell anyone!

    I never thought to roll out pizza dough between parchment because I always pat it out and shape it with my fingers. This is a neat tip though.

  5. Your pizza's look wonderful! Do you have to use a special stone?


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