Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A great Day at work!

Day two of our National Sales meeting had all 400+ of us on the CMG
sales Team visiting different organizations around the community
for an afternoon of Volunteer service. My happy little group
ended up at the North Eastern North Carolina Second Harvest
Food Bank. It was awe-inspiring! The amount of food that is
Donated, which unfortunately isn't Enough, and the amount of
truly hard work accomplished by those Dedicated to managing and
promoting our local food bank is Unbelievable. One aspect of what
we learned today that Blew me away is the amount of donated food
that must be Thrown away. And... the great Expense this food costs the
food bank. You see...  Everything that comes into the Food bank has to
be weighed and sorted. So cleaning out your Pantry of all that stuff that
expired in 1998 to call it a Donation just ends up wasting valuable man-
power and money to sort and Dispose of it properly. So if you wouldn't eat
it or serve it to your Family, please don't donate it to your local food bank!  
What you see here is only one of Eight dumpsters we filled in just 4 hours!
What you see here is three of my fellow-Volunteers
Their job was to inspect donated Eggs for imperfections. Eggs
with hairline shell Cracks that you cannot see cannot be used  
Together, this group,which represented a third of us from HbI at the Food
Bank today, sorted and boxed up over 10,000 Pounds of donated food
The food we sorted today was Collected by local letter carriers!
Whether we're in the office or lending a Helping hand to
our community... At HbI, we're always having major fun!
At the end of our day there was a Live band, chair massages,
dinner and a Chocolate fountain waiting for us. My boss there
and I ended up at the Desert table at the same time!
He let me Go first!
I didn't rush the process!
After my dinner I came home to find my Ducky
trio waiting for their Dinner in the back yard
As soon as I put down the cracked corn they Waddled on over...
And told the Squirrel there to beat it!
I meant to show these to you last week... We had another Fantastic
employee sale at work. I love our employee sales! Especially when
my sweet friends invite me to Help and I get to unpack some of the
goodies! Goodies like these shoes bought for a Fashion show and
worn by models once, for five minutes. They're Nine West, Banana
Republic... And this time, every pair I found was in My size! 
I couldn't wait to wear these Banana sandals to the sales meeting today!


  1. Do you KNOW how jealous I am your toeseeeez look that fabulous!!!!!!
    And the sandals...
    well those are KILLERS!

  2. Looks like a very exciting day all around!

  3. What a waste of food. How sad is that? And who knew?

    Cute tootsies :-)

    Glad to see you got your new blog makeover! I was just thinking about that the other day. It looks great Janet. congrats!

  4. You got your makeover!!!! It's BEAUTIFUL!!! I bet you just LOVE it Janet!!

    I can't believe how much food had to be thrown out because it was expired!!
    I gained 5 pounds looking at the chocolate fountain....and your boss looks like a CUTIE! {wink}

    The shoes!! OMG so what kind of price did you snag them for??? I would LOVE to have your job! Growing up my grandma worked for Brown Shoe....we got all of our shoes at cost, but better yet, mom and I work a size 6...display size! boooyah! we got a TON of free shoes because she would bring us the display shoes all the time!! this day I still have a hard time paying full retail for shoes! lol the french tips on your tootsies! That's how I keep my fingers, but have never done it on my toes....may try that this year!

    Hey comment is longer than Teresa's for once! HA!!!!

    Have a fantastic weekend girlie!!

  5. That's it. I can't take it anymore. I'm moving and want to work with you. I don't care if you stick me in the mailroom. I can't imagine a job where I can donate to the foodbank, pick up adorable shoes, and eat chocolate at the end of the day. And the ducks. I want to feed those ducks. So much fun! You lead a charmed life my friend. :)

  6. Love your blog! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  7. Hi Janet...
    You are saints for dealing with all that expired food...
    Double jewels for your heavenly crowns!

    Oh and I agree with Teresa about your cute toes!
    And we want to come to your employee sale!

    I love your new header! A great collage...
    Enjoy your weekend, Janet!

  8. Janet! Your blog looks beautiful!

    I never thought about all of the food that the food bank has to throw out! that is crazy. Kiddo 7 I work at our local food pantry once a week, but not in the sorting area. I'm going to have to ask about that next time we come in.

    Pretty toesies!!!


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