Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A little Garden miracle

This beautiful Moth was born in our garden this evening...
He worked his way free from this odd-looking pod hanging from a tree
I admire his Effort and hope he likes
his new garden-home as Much as I do!
This is for Spa-boy... You see, I put my Realtor hat back on last week and
found a tenant to rent his beautiful, 5-bedroom home in High Point. Right
after I signed the lease, I sent my personal Landscaper over to spruce up the
grounds - Where he discovered an old garden swing hiding under English ivy!
The swing seat was covered in thick lichen and sadly, Broken beyond
repair. But that didn't mean the frame couldn't be Repurposed, so he
hauled it home... Incredibly, on the way home he passed a broken up
garden swing frame sticking out of a ditch. When he slowed down, he
could see there was also a Decent-looking swing lying next to it! Spa-
Boy's frame met ditched swing... And, just look at them together now!
Look at the pond Iris - She's blooming!
Blood pressure medicine, that's what this is!
His hostas and ferns Amaze me!
How do they do it?
It's magical!
We get bigger and better magic with Every new spring!
I love that little Purple primrose. It's
such a sweet Surprise in all this green!
Like this little Ducky surprise by the creek...
His honey-Duck must be sitting on their eggs because he
has been coming to dine with us Solo for about a week now
This is why he doesn't have to send me flowers on Mother's Day!
I have all the Bloomers I can handle or want!
And in one of my Favorite colors no less!
FTD has nothing on him!
I think it's time for Caesar salad!


  1. Everything looks so pretty! Love you lettuce! Caesar Salad sounds yummy!

  2. I LOVE your swing! Free swings are so much more fun! Lookin' good in your garden of Eden!

  3. I just absolutely LOVE your yard everything about it! It won't be long before your eating caesar salad from your garden! yummy!

  4. I'm coming over to Rancho Bridge.

  5. What a beautiful garden, I'm truly envious. I do love peonies. Round here we dunk them in big buckets of water and drown the ant and then put them in a vase.

  6. Well that's a lovely find- it was as if it was meant to be in your beautiful yard!


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