Thursday, May 6, 2010

Long hot day... Neutralized!

Summer showed up today! 
When I left work, the temp inside my truck read Ninety-eight
degrees! Far too warm for me! But here at home in the pool, my
Mr. Floating-Shark thermometer says it's 80 degrees... Now,
84 is my magic number. But I'm no snob! 80 will do today!
Our sweet friend, Kelsie brought this over last weekend. He's
become our Unofficial swimming pool life guard!
Down by the koi pond the Iris is blooming even
more than she was Yesterday when I looked!
The heat is definitely on now and Everything
seems to be Popping up out of the ground!
This white peony variety is putting on quite the show tonight!
I think it was five years ago that I first saw a big vase of peony
blossoms on the cover of Oprah magazine. All I remember
of the peony plants we had in our garden in Kansas was
that they were big balls covered in ants! However.
I knew Oprah was on to something and that I
simply had to have Peonies in my garden!
So he planted... And now, I love his Peonies!
Tomorrow morning, these pink Peonies
will be huge balls of Pink ruffles!
From now until the leaves Fall off the trees... This
is where you'll find me Every day after work!


  1. WOW.......I'll be there in 30mins mmmk?

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE peonies!! I wish I had a bush, but I just don't have a good spot for one.

  2. Oh Janet!
    Your backyard is dreamy!
    Do you know how bad I wanna dive in the 80 degree water...and do you know how much I adore peonies!!!
    I would fit perfectly in that beautiful backyard of yours!
    You are one lucky girl to have such a talented...
    live-in...gardener! xxooxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoox

  3. Oh, I WISH peonies would grow here! They are gorgeous!!! Your is a HAVEN! I am not jealous. I am not jealous. I am not jealous.

  4. 80 degrees- I wouldn't be too picky either!

    I big puffy heart peonies- they're one of my favorite flowers. they're just so romantic.


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