Sunday, May 2, 2010

An outing

I am on the hunt for a Bird house! I have been for months... You
see, for a few years I saw a couple selling these Beautiful bird
houses and feeders from the bed of their truck. Sometimes
they could be found set up in a parking lot very Near to the
house. Other times, I noticed them closer to town, but I could
always count on Seeing them at least a couple of times during
the month. But now... Now that I have a spot in the garden all
picked out and I am in the market for one of their Treasures, the
couple is no longer to be found. Which is just my luck, of course!
I was reminded of my Frustrated search again this afternoon on
our way to the Greensboro arboretum where we went to walk off
our yummy late lunch at PF Chang's. Reminded when I saw this...
If anyone out there knows the couple I speak of, Please do tell!
Even in 90-degrees, the Greensboro arboretum is a lovely walk!
The main reason for our Stop this afternoon, besides the necessary
walk, was to take an Up-close look at this relatively new addition
Isn't it amazing?
Fortunately for us, there was a strong Wind blowing today!
The rich tone of these Chimes vibrates right through you
I cannot wait for our Yews in front of the pool fence to look like this!
Time for a stroll through our own Arboretum at home!
Where my Mother's Day azaleas are popping a bit early!
The intense pink against the new Wisteria blooms on the arbor thrills me!
Every time it looks like this I remind him that he was
against my idea of adding Wisteria to the garden
He sometimes admits to being Wrong about not wanting it
So we're both happy!
Speaking of Happy... One of my amazing bosses gave me
a very Generous AmEx gift card on administrative assistant's
day, which I put to good use at Wild Birds Unlimited today. I
added another section of pole to extend the Height of
the bird feeders in front of the Kitchen window
I also added this cute Hummingbird finial!
And this mealworm feeder too! The bluebirds are going to Love it!
To me, this is So much better than flowers on secretary's day!


  1. Those chimes are gorgeous! I want!

  2. I have a friend that makes the most beautiful bird houses with copper shingled roofs. He is about 50 miles south of Greensboro. The website is

  3. Very inviting. Love the creme brulee and then the stroll in your estate.
    Love you.


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