Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday's Garden lunch

Another beautiful Sunday morning at home... The climbing rose
next to the solarium is doing a lot for my Kitchen-window view!
And, as usual... The squirrels are doing
their best to clean out the Bird feeders!
Yes... I'm talking about You!
And you too!
Don't make me come Out there!
So now that I've chased all the squirrels away it's
time for a little Morning stroll through the garden
You should hear the Birds singing!
And, the Bees buzzing!
Now, this is what I'm after this morning!
Now that I've collected my Basil I can head back into the kitchen
But before I do, I need to check out the
deck garden... I so love Spoon daisies!
And blooming Lambs ear
I can smell these Double-delight
roses from everywhere on the deck!
I see a Vase in their future!
I know Mr. B has run out pots, but I couldn't resist
these at the garden shop we Visited yesterday 
We made a Deal... I went into the kitchen to
prepare his lunch and he clipped his roses for me 
Now let's put his garden Basil to work, shall we?
To me, there is no better Flavor combination
than ripe tomato, garden basil and Fresh mozzarella
Wouldn't you agree?
Let's Press it!
Until it's melty!
Like this!
Next to making my Pesto, I love his
garden basil for pizzas and Paninis the best!
Oh, my! So worth the wait! Honestly, this could
be the Yummy end to my day before it even begins!


  1. OMGoodness!
    That is THE BEST looking sandwich I have EVER seen!
    WHY must I have 3 more days on this detox! your garden is just the lovelies I have ever seen.
    I have several questions:
    I am going to attempt to grow my own herbs in a big rod-iron container....any tips?
    (basil/chives/parsley) What else?
    ANd now that I see that sandwich...I wonder...
    do I need a Panni maker?
    DO you use yours alot...for the expensive?
    What kind do you have?
    Janet...this sandwich looks so good I can't even stand it!
    Oh so GOOD!

  2. That looks MIGHTY tasty! I have basil growing too...I'll have to start clipping and adding it to my sandwhiches too. So yummy! Glad you had a nice Sunday.

  3. Ooh that sandwich is looking GOOOOD!

    And I've never seen a spoon daisy- too cute!


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