Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good tenants, bad Tenants!

I discovered adorable Tenants checking out the
new Birdhouse in the front yard tonight!
They're a sweet, sweet Pair of bluebirds!
And it looks like they chose the Eastern-facing first floor apartment!
The back yard tenant I discovered this evening however, is Far, far
less sweet! You see, I love our creek... I love it in Every season. In
winter, when its banks are covered in Snow and the water is icy... 
And in the Spring when the mallards come swimming up the creek to
the back yard to Feast on the cracked corn I put out. And, I especially love
it when Prom-kids ask to have their photographs taken on the bridge
But I do Not enjoy the creek when what I
think is a rock begins to Move around!
And I realize it's not a Rock at all!
It's a huge, scary Snapping turtle with a head the size of a baseball!
Now that we have a Creek-monster, I may never go near the creek again!
Shoo... Shoo! Go away and Never come back!!


  1. OMGoodness!!!!!
    That snapper is HUGE!!!!!
    I am so scared of a turtle biting me!
    My mom always picks up turtles and moves them off the road...but I am scared of turtles!
    That sucker is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And how sweet sweet sweet sweet that you have little bluebirds moving in!
    I bet there's gonna be some sweet love makin' in that first floor apartment!
    Tell them I said welcome to Janet's sweet world! xoxoxox
    They are gonna live there forever and ever! xo

  2. Eek- A snapping turtle! I want to see close up pictres of it but I wouldn't want to get too close either. I hope your backyard friends aren't harmed but him.

    What a neat Prom picture!


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