Sunday, May 23, 2010

A fantastic Sunday with friends!

A very Special friend of mine had a birthday this week, and he's
coming up from Charlotte this afternoon so that we can have dinner
together to celebrate. He's bringing along his Sweet sister who is
visiting from Kansas, and there are a few other friends joining us
too. I can't wait! Can't wait to see Spa-boy, can't wait to meet his
sister and I can't wait to share a Fabulous meal at a place we all
enjoy. I've reserved the right to serve Desert at our place after our
dinner so I am whipping up cupcakes! Just plain old French vanilla
cupcakes from a mix; however, I'm amping up the Vanilla factor by
adding the Goodness from one whole vanilla bean. Shhhh... don't tell!
Only me and the Squirrel in my kitchen window will know!
In go the Vanilla beans!
I sure hope that Corn cob will be enough to buy his silence!
This is no longer a simple Cake mix! Eggs straight from my
friend's Chicken coop and vanilla straight from the bean!
If it wouldn't mess up my math I'd eat one Right now!
I never really liked Math!
A proper after-dinner desert Buffet just wouldn't be
complete without Cheesecake served with strawberry sauce!
I think I'm all set!
Now if it would just Stop raining!
Because a tour of our Gardens will be more fun without the rain!
Now that the buffet is ready, I better Hurry and get myself ready too!
Look what I found at Target last night!
The crown is embroidered onto the
pillow, and I love it! Target. Who knew?
After dinner and desert, we got that Garden tour in! I think
this photo of Spa-boy and his sister is great... Especially since he's
partially responsible for our having this beautiful garden Swing to enjoy!
Speaking of things to Enjoy... Spa-boy
brought a couple of Goodies with him today!
I was happy to Broker a couple of deals for him recently, and
he knows I won't accept payment from Friends so he paid me
in Sur la Table. Being ever the loyal K-State alum, he picked
This 5 and a half quart Dutch oven in cassis. Or Purple, to us KSU fans!
I love them! Thank you, Spa-boy! I'm happy to be your
Property Manager/Land Rover broker any time. And, every
time I use my new Dutch ovens... I'll be thinking of you!


  1. The dessert bar looks fabulous & I love, love, love both the pots.

  2. What cute cupcakes,
    and cute table scape!
    Oh and don't let me forget...
    LOVE-LOVE-LOVE them!
    He is a great gift giver :)

  3. WOW!! awesome cupcakes and dessert bar, but even MORE amazing gifts!! Lucky you!!

  4. You lucky girl! That friend is a keeper. Your cupcakes look fab too! :)

  5. Lovely cupcake's frosting!! Love these le creuset!

  6. Spa Boy!
    Spa Boy!
    Come to Bainbridge....
    bring GIFTS please!
    That is some kind of heavenly friend!
    the dessert buffet is just incredible!
    Needs to be featured in a magazine!
    I so love the way you swirl that icing up on the cupcakes!
    So sweet!
    Glad the rain stopped so you could walk the garden!

  7. Ooh so pretty! I love your table in the solariium fill of goodies. You're such a fantastic hostess!

    Yes, very appropriate that he and his sister took a picture on your swing- it's like good karma :-)

    oh and I'd be his "Property Manager/Land Rover broker" any time too if I got paid in Le Cresuset. lucky girl!

  8. Your dessert bar looks fabulous, and so does your PAIR of Le Creuset Dutch ovens! I just got one(yellow) for Mother's day:)

  9. Everything looks wonderful! Love the fact that you used vanilla bean in your cupcakes. I use vanilla bean paste in all my baking. Your gifts are wonderful. Such a nice and thoughtful friend. Pretty sure the squirrel was too busy feasting on the cob to spill your secret!

  10. I am coming to invaded your house. the cupcakes, the dessert bar, the Sur La Table, the chair, the pillow, even the RAIN! It's all just perfect!


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