Sunday, May 16, 2010

Circus cupcakes

I was shopping for more Cupcake liners with Bake it Pretty
last week - And, boy did I find some Cute ones! Minis
that look like plaid Summer tablecloths...
 And fancy Foiled minis too... But the prize of my
hunt are, These that remind me of the circus!
Because I have a request for Chocolate cupcakes today, I'll
use these red and silver foil minis and the Circus liners
A lot of premium Cupcake liners say you can use them
without a muffin tin for Support, but these liners mean it!
For best Results, fill just beyond half full
Mini cupcakes are So much fun!
I'm so ordering More of these liners!
Because we'll Need more. Huh, Bing?
And, because they are Too stinking cute!
These belong center stage at a Party! Like a Birthday party! I
have a special Visitor who might be dropping in from Charlotte
later and he has a Birthday coming up. I think he'll like these!
I see these iced with Fluffy white frosting, covered
in yellow sugar pearls to look like Buckets of popcorn!
But not today. Today I'm keeping it simple...
No sprinkles or Disco dust today. Just Whipped cream icing...
In a poofy little Puff!
Boy! That's a lot of cupcakes!
Thankfully, a friend and her Girlies are on their
way over. And, since I used their chicken Eggs to make
my cupcakes, I can't wait to Share these with them!
I think William needs cupcakes today too, so I'll pack some
up to take over to him. Anyone else need Circus cupcakes? 


  1. Well...those are the cutest cupcakes I do believe my eyes have ever seen!
    I LOVE the white white icing!
    And did you just use a tip and an icing bag to ice them?
    What recipe is this icing Janet?
    I know it is sugary and light and yummmmmmy!

  2. So adorable! You have "wowed" me again with your cute cupcakes. You are right...those popcorn tub ones are SUPER fun! Did you use the whipped frosting from the tub or did you make it this time? Just want to know because it looks EXTRA fluffy this time. I made some mini's the other day for the kids at school...they were SOOOO delighted. Have a good week and thanks for sharing your cupcakes....

  3. Oh I LOVE these!!! I'm making mini cupcakes for a graduation order this week!!!.....I wish I had looked at these foil liners!...oh well, next time!!

  4. I was *just* thinking they looked like popcorn!!! Darling! And your frosting always looks perfect!

  5. Hello "Duchess". I've just found your blog in time to enjoy those delicious looking cupcakes. Love the papers. I have an online source for much the same and love stocking up!

    Our son was in the army so I know your pride and worry. Kudos to your son for serving our country. I hope you have a way to get him some of those cupcakes!!

    I'm looking forward to exploring your blog. I see you are in North Carolina. Love it. I'm originally from Virginia.


  6. Love your cupcakes, the frosting and the liners. Everything is so pretty when all put together!

  7. I am LOVING those gingham liners- especially the black ones. I can't wait to see what you bake in them janet.

  8. I can't believe how far behind I am in my reader. When did you get your new design? And, you didn't tell me! Shame on you! :-)
    I LOVE these cupcakes! Super fun!
    Don't forget, you can add them to the fun at Cupcake Tuesday!


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