Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Pizza... Mystery Solved!

The summer Pizzas I made last night were really great. But
something was Missing. Something wasn't quite right. The dough
was off. And, I knew it but I couldn't put my finger on it. The pizza
dough recipe I pulled off the Internet said it was the Cuisinart pizza
dough recipe but it just didn't Perform the way I'm used to. So when
I got home tonight I pulled out my Recipe book. And guess what!?
The Internet Lied! The Cuisinart recipe I used last night is so much
different from the recipe in my booklet. How can that be? But it's
true! The on-line recipe calls for far Less flour and a whole package
of yeast. My booklet, page-35 recipe on the other hand, calls for just
1.5 teaspoons of yeast, and a half-cup More flour! Trust me...
The Cuisinart, (real) booklet recipe is Soooo much better!
I hadn't planned on making Pizzas again tonight. But when I
walked in the door from work Mr. B said, I noticed you have lots
of cheese left over and there's still half of the bell Pepper left, so are
we having Pizza again tonight? And, since I believe the secret to
a happy and Long marriage is being able to recognize a request
disguised as a question, I said, Sure we are! Besides, I needed...
An opportunity to Figure out my dough problem any way!
See that!? I didn't get that beautiful puffy Rise out of my dough last night!
Achieving that volume makes a Huge difference!
Want to see?
There it is!

That's twice the height of my Crust last night!

While this crust is high, it's Light and crispy,
not dense and heavy. Which is the way we prefer it!
Back to tomato and Basil with red onion for me
Because I'm predictable that way...
Predictable, meaning I know what I like!
Thank Goodness I went back to my recipe booklet!
If you would like the Recipe for this fantastic
pizza dough, send an e-mail to


  1. Looks mighty tasty! I'd love the recipe. YUM!

  2. OOh I want the recipe too! This ball of dough looks so much softer than yesterdays dough. nice! Now I want pizza :-)

  3. Wow! Yummy. What temp to you bake the pizza at?

  4. Hi, Erinne!

    The pizza stone is heated on top of the grill to 500 degrees by allowing the burners directly under the pizza stone to run on high for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you turn the burners down to low until the temperature reading on the stone's frame reads "in the pizza zone" which is between 400-600 degrees. I find that at 500 degrees, my pizzas cook perfectly in 8 minutes (I check after 4 minutes to ensure they aren't browning too quickly)

    Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by!

  5. Let me just say...
    it totally amazes me that you know the temp on your GRILL!
    You are HIGH tech Girlfriend! xoxoxox


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