Thursday, May 27, 2010

The most Amazing friend

Today was one of those rough Army Mom days... It had been a few days
since I heard from the Ranger and I couldn't shake the feeling that something
wasn't quite right. I could not find sleep until almost 2AM, which is Exactly the
time I decided to give up the worry and asked God to help deliver some. This
morning the praying continued... I begged for a Call or e-mail and later, for the
ability not to feel the urge to Sleep at my desk. I didn't get a call but I did get
several really great e-mails letting me Know he was okay. Those e-mails made
my day and I am counting on being able to recall Brandon's words tonight to
help get me through the Hours when I'll be alone with my thoughts. Alone...
It's often the way I feel as I navigate the feelings and fear and Uncertainty of
this Mom of a deployed Ranger adventure that I'm living. Fortunately, my
mom and dad and all my Amazing friends are plugged into what I'm going
through because Mom called, and then I checked the mail and found this...
It's a package of Very meaningful cookies, and a lovely card from my dearest
friend, Monica. We've never met in person. We know each other through
our Blogs and our shared passion for our families and fooding. Monica is a
kind and generous soul. She is a Patriot, and above all, she is a mother
who Understands the pain of worrying about the well being of a child
She has sent Brandon care packages to Afghanistan because he
is my son. And, because he is a soldier and Monica appreciates the
sacrifices he is making so that people around the world can be Safe
Even when he's not


  1. Those are BEAUTIFUL!!! what a wonderful sweet thing!!

    I'm so glad to hear you received some emails know I think about you guys and pray for you every day!

  2. Wow, what a great friend! Special cookies:) I'm glad you got those emails to still your heart:)

  3. Oh sweetheart, I did this for you and Brandon out of love. I know these cookies can't bring him home any sooner but I hope they express my feelings for you both.

    I know he'll be home soon. Until then I wish you peace.

    xoxo, Monica

  4. That is the sweetest thing! I LOVE those cookies!

  5. Many blessings, to you and Brandon!

    What a sweet tender hearted friend!
    We're so lucky to have all found each other!
    And Brandon is blessed that his sweet mama has such sweet souls tending to her fragile heart!


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