Saturday, May 29, 2010

Find of the Day!

When I came downstairs this afternoon I found These in the kitchen!
A bold step from the man who calls Me
a, Flower murderer every time I fill a vase!
After lunch and Shopping we stopped at the Greensboro Farmer's Market
Where we picked up lots of Summer corn! For dinner, I boiled
the cobs for 5 minutes, then wrapped them in foil with a drizz
of olive oil, a pat of Butter and a pinch of salt and pepper
And out to the Grill we go!
Okay!! Find of the day time! After the farmer's
market we stopped at Antique Marketplace where I
discovered this sweet little Aplico casserole for only $20
Aplico! As in Williams-Sonoma, where one Aplico soup
bowl costs $30. So this casserole for $20 was a Steal! 
How much of a steal? Click here to find out! I think it
looks fine here on the kitchen Island next to big-bunny! 
Unfortunately, it leaves poor Willie-pig of
Carmel off the island and out on his own now...


  1. Well Mr. Willie need not worry!
    He needs to stand on his own!
    He's a CARMEL BOY....
    in a league of his own if you ask me!!!!!

  2. Poor Willie-pig! He's all alone on the counter. He's just too cute!

    I saw a covered casserole like that at the antique shop here but it was a duck. I didn't see a price on it but I'm gonna have to go back and check it out since I'm still thinking of it.


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