Monday, May 10, 2010

It's not a task. It's a Process!

Sadly, I did not come Home this afternoon to find
my new birdhouse installed. Instead, I found this
unpainted Post sticking out of the ground!
Because he said there was no way he was going to set the Post in
concrete without my Sign-off on the height. Smart man... Because I
did find it was too high. And, sawing off those Pesky 7-8 extra inches I
didn't want would have been impossible with the post already Set in stone
I really wanted to come home to my Birdhouse up in the yard with
this purple Clematis I chose to trail up the white post I requested. But
I was reminded that what I asked for is, not a Task... It's a process
I get it. And, the fact that he Decided to make something already Terrific
even better by caulking all of the joints and Repainting it with a high-quality
exterior paint doesn't really Surprise me. When I asked why he did this, he said
it's because he really likes what I picked out too - So he wants to ensure it lasts for
a Very long time! Although these processes delayed the Task I assigned today, I
can't be too miffed. But I do wish he'd Hurry up... I have a birdhouse waiting!    
Actually, I have Two birdhouses waiting!
Because choosing just one was Impossible and there
is more than Enough room in his gardens for two!
Stay tuned! The process continues...


  1. You are such a good writer Janet!
    The bird houses are the LOVELIEST I've ever seen!
    Can you imagine how the first little birdies to discover them will feel!
    They will swoop in...
    not really aiming for where they landed...
    and they will be like....WHOA!!!!
    Just like they have died and gone to birdie heaven!
    I wonder if the first ones to fly in will make the houses their sweet homes?
    It will be so delightful to watch all of the bird action around these two lovely birdie homes.
    So what kind of birds are you expecting to nest in these?
    Can't wait to see them in the garden!
    What a sweet hub you have...
    snazzing them up with a slick coat of heavy duty white paint!
    Gotta love your gardener!
    Love the houses!
    Just perfect!

  2. What a smart man- always thinking ahead to what his wife may want.

    great choices. can't wait to see where you put them in the garden!

  3. Your bird houses are so beautiful and I'm sure waiting to have them properly installed with be worth the wait. I'm sure you will have lots of new tenants very soon :)


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