Sunday, May 30, 2010

For those who gave All...

We remember them every day... But especially on Memorial Day
weekend, we pay our respect and give Thanks to those who gave all...

Gave their own precious lives in defense of America's soul and in the name
of Freedom here and all around this beautiful world and for all people!

We fly our flag every day. However, during the week before
and after Memorial Day, we are proud to fly many flags...

As a small token of our appreciation, out
of respect and in remembrance, always...

This Memorial Day our family honors all of the fallen, and we
especially remember Capt. Kyle Comfort, Sgt. Ronald Kubik,
with the Third Ranger Battalion at Ft. Benning, Georgia and died on
missions with our Ranger. All will be be deeply missed during the
homecoming roll call this July. May their sacrifice be remembered by all..
To read about these special sons please click on their names

May they and all of America's Heroes rest in God's perfect Peace

Please take a moment to visit Freedom Remembered - HERE


  1. I was just driving down our street and loving all the flags hanging! Yours are awesome! Please thank your son for fighting for freedom! God bless him, you and your family!

  2. Sob. My prayer is that they rest in peace and that the rest of our men come home as soon as possible. This year will be a somber Memorial Day for many of us.

  3. I love all the flags - everything looks so wonderful.

  4. With heartfelt Gratitude * Maria

  5. It's very apparent just how proud a mother you are. This was beautiful Janet. Love all your flags too.

    Thank you Brandon!


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