Saturday, May 29, 2010

Still in need of the Knob!

I've been meaning to get to Sur la Table for weeks to pick up
all the things on my list. So since it was supposed to Storm all
day, and we were both craving PF Chang's, we took a little ride!
The first thing on my list was a Stainless steel knob to
replace the phenolic knob on my new Cassis dutch oven. All
the way to Greensboro, Mr. B teased that we were on the way to
Sur la Table to buy a knob. He even sang his rhyme a couple of times!
The second item on my list was a Stick-blender to replace
my old blender. You see... I've begun mixing up the CLEAN
breakfast shakes every morning, and while the shakes are
great, I simply dread Cleaning my blender every morning!
Sur la Table sells these Cuisinart stick blenders, in pretty
fabulous colors, for only $29.99. And, it comes with a cup!
I meant to grab the Tangerine one. But as it so often goes whenever
I step into my Candyland, aka, Sur la Table, I became distracted
and somehow, I ended up with the Pomegranate color instead
Nevertheless, I love it. It will be Much easier
to clean. And, it takes up Less counter space!
On we go to item #3. You remember this, right? Well, I do still love my 90th
anniversary Kitchenaid mixer. However, as interesting as the embossed glass
bowl is, I find it's often too Heavy after mixing up cake batters, cookie doughs
and icings in it. I also feel like it might break if I were to accidentally bump it
Fortunately, Kitchen Aid offers their stainless steel mixer bowls for
sale separately. So all I had to do was ask Patrick at Sur la Table
which one I needed for my mixer and he Matched me right up!
That's better! I sure wish I had thought of this Before I bought a
second Glass mixing bowl! Anyone need a glass mixing bowl? Ha!
Another thing that bugs me about my new mixer is the
attachments. They're metal and not powder coated like
the attachments that came with the 75th anniversary
Kitchen Aid mixer I own. Something about the bare
metal mixing attachments just doesn't feel right to
me. So item #4 was this paddle Mixing scraper!
After we left Sur la Table, while I wandered the Farmer's Market for
everything I need to make Tracy Anderson's turkey and kale soup is when
it hit me that I really should have written my list for Sur la Table down... Why?
Because somehow I managed to leave Without getting the knob at Sur la Table!
By the way! You must pop on over to Congratulate my sweet
friend Teresa (here!) on the Present her wonderful hubby gave her!


  1. Well hello there sweet friend!
    Guess I need to POP over and see what your friend Teresa's WONDERFUL hubby gave her! ;o)
    I did make some oatmeal cookies with my new mixer!
    Did you hear me when I was professing my LOVE for it!
    I was my squeeky southern voice...
    I love you...I love you...I love you! ;o)
    About your trip to Sur la Table!
    what a TREAT to pop in there and buy all of those gadgets!
    Can't wait to hear how you like your new blender and your CLEAN shakes!
    AND....can't WAIT WAIT WAIT to read alllllll about your Gwyneth KALE soup!
    yeah for KALE!
    My new favorite!
    Promise me you will post all about the soup so I can copy everything you do! tell me!
    Why do you like this paddle scrapper better than the one that comes with the Kitchen Aid?
    I just know there is a reason! ;o)
    Hope you and your sweetie had a nice dinner at Changs!
    Those veggies look so yummy for your soup!
    And why do you need a new know for that dutch oven?

  2. oooooh, lots of goodies today Janet!!

    We hit the farmers market too!

  3. Okay, I need an immersion blender, beater blade and a knob too!!! :)

  4. I want a glass bowl for my mixer. I'll send you a knob & some cash IF you send me the bowl???

    Oh, & thanks for the pizza tips! Our pizza turn out AWESOME.

  5. Erinne - I'm glad you enjoyed the pizza dough post. If you need the glass bowl, send me an e-mail at

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. No I want the bowl! ha ha! Erinne I'll fight you for it :-)

    I'm gonna have to get me one of those beater blades. I keep saying that and I never get one. One of these days. Maybe I'll treat myself for my birthday!

    I love our stick blender though I don't use it very often. It was a hand me down from Sam's grandmother years ago but it's a tickin'.

    I guess you're gonna have to head on back to Sur La Table. darn.

  7. Now, girls! No fighting over the glass bowl. No need really... Since I already shipped it to Erinne. Sorry, Monica, I had no idea you wanted it too!

    Erinne, I hope you enjoy it in Perfect health!

    Thank you for your work in pediatric Hospice care. You're doing God's work!


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