Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tracy Anderson's Turkey Kale Soup

As part of the Tracy Anderson method I am
following... Today I'm making the Turkey Kale soup!
And to do it, we begin here, in my Herb garden. Basil, thyme,
cilantro and rosemary. All my Favorites live in these pots!
Among other things!
While I was gathering my herbs, I had a little visitor! It's my chippy,
(Chipmunk) that lives under the AC unit. I think he's adorable!
However, the Garden enthusiast I'm married to thinks he's a pest!
Back in the Kitchen...
The recipe calls for two pounds Herb-roasted turkey breast
meat. I am starting with a 6-pound Whole breast since I plan
to freeze the overage for future soups and my Lunch wraps
As soon as you read that this Soup recipe calls for
ten cloves of Garlic, you know it is going to be good!
I rinsed my Turkey under cold water...
And removed the skin
Garlic, Thyme, Rosemary and Parsley
And, into a 370 degree oven for an Hour and a half we go!
I love the smell of Chopped parsley!
Don't be surprised if you Hear that it
smells like Thanksgiving while this roasts
Because that's what I heard more than a few times!
Now to build our Soup! To the remaining garlic and parsley, add
two leeks, 3 stalks celery, 1 parsnip, and a Yellow onion, quartered 
Never, ever forget to wash your Leeks before cooking with them!
Leeks are always full of Earth and sand!
Not the kind of stuff we want in our soup!
Looks like my Jay has some competition
for the Peanuts I just put out for him
Chippy is very busy on the other side of my Kitchen window!
Our leeks are Squeaky clean...
All this beautiful Veg is making me hungry!
After simmering for Ten minutes...
12 cups of water and 2 Vegan bullion cubes added to the cooked veg
Honestly, between the chipmunks and the Squirrels,
my poor Jay isn't going to get very many peanuts!
Yes... I am talking about you!
So much for the Squirrel baffle he installed on the bird feeder!
Because the only ones Baffled by it...
Is us!
While our veg-Broth simmers, it's
time to Wash the 1-2 pounds of kale
After simmering for Three hours...
We separate the cooked Veg from the broth
Add two pounds of the herb-roasted Turkey breast
And the Kale. Then cook soup for an additional hour
While my soup cooked, I hung out with Bing in the solarium...
Where he was busy watching the Scoobie-snack
I know he would love to get a hold of out there
Okay! The soup is finished, and it smells wonderful. A little taste reveals
a very Flavorful broth, tender chunks of savory turkey that has a wonderful
rosemary/thyme flavor, and lots and Lots of kale. I cannot say that I'm sold on
the texture of the Kale. I find it rather rough and chewy, but it tastes very good! 
When I make this soup again next Week, I will use
just one pound of the Kale. Two is simply too much
It's getting late now... Time for the next
batch of Critters to come visit with me!

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  1. Oh Janet!
    I could LIVE off of that Kale Turkey Soup!
    And will I be as trim and FIT as Gwyneth if I eat it?
    You make everything look so YUMMY...and EASY...and I know it's not!
    It's jut that you are so SKILLED in the kitchen!
    I mean I was STUDYING everything!
    That's what I do when I pop over here!
    I STUDY!
    Wanna give me an EXAM!!!?
    Love the CRITTERS....and I DO KNOW they are in HEAVEN in your beautiful garden!
    SO glad it's critter friendly....makes me smile!
    You know I am on my way to making this soup...very soon!
    YOur world is so fascinating!
    Truly it is!
    I love it that you posted this soup!


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