Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sure signs of Spring!

A few observances of Spring today... First of all, my ducks have Multiplied because when I pulled into the driveway TWO sets of mallards flew over my head coming from the backyard. Two males and two females. For the last few years the same male/female pair have Visited our pond and the creek in the backyard, and we've been Thrilled to have them and to feed them. One year, they even brought us five tiny Ducklings we watched puddle up along the creek bank. Another year we saw two males with the one female. And, they fought over her too! It was so funny when the one male chased the second Male away and he stood on the top of our Roof for two hours protesting. Loudly! But now there are two pairs and I'm twice as happy to bring in Twice the cracked corn necessary to Feed and keep them around! 

Second observation of Spring today happened when I went for a walk after dinner tonight and saw all the Amazing daffodils. They are everywhere and this year there are Several new varieties too. It's nice to see what I point to in the Bulb catalogs come Alive in the gardens!

And, this is the Final observation of spring... Someone got a little Excited about
all of the nice weather we were having so he Uncovered the pool yesterday while I
was at work. The only problem is that today it's back down to a, not-so-balmy 39 degrees
and there's a Cold rain that's supposed to last the next Five days. Great baking weather though!
I have to admit that I'm glad the Cover is off the pool. Just seeing the
crystal clear Water makes me happy. Much happier than looking at this...
But not as Happy as this... Look at all those Fabulous trees we
have to look forward to! Wait a minute... I think I smell Sunscreen!

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