Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Briar Patch

This weekend was pretty much a Wash-out. Honestly, it has rained since late on Friday and hasn't let up... Seeing the Crocus blossoms all closed up this afternoon makes me a little sad. I much prefer them wide open and Soaking up the sunshine of Spring. No sunshine today. Maybe tomorrow! We'll see...

If the Sun was shining these Bloomers would be smiling at me!
Two weeks ago these Daffodils were covered in Snow. Last weekend it was
80 degrees so they were all up and Smiling. This weekend it's cold rain that's
got them Hanging their heads. My daffy-o-dills just can't seem to catch a break!
the Forsythia by the Fence is blooming which means Easter is near...
Off to The Briar Patch nursery and Garden shoppe now. I love it for
many reasons, but most of all for the Cats. Maple was first to greet us!
They have the Best plants too. Nothing here is
very Inexpensive, but it's always Top notch!
Look at the Cala Lilies! They are my favorite...
Look at the Tulips. They are my Favorite...
Everywhere there are plants! They are my favorite...
Look at that sweet little Flower there on the Rock Foil. Too cute!
I love The Briar Patch because it is the perfect Mix of gifts and plants. While
he shops for Plant gifts for our gardens I get to shop for things for me! 
And of course, Everywhere I went, Maple followed me
A nice Garden shop is a Great place to be a cat... What a life!
I'm going now, Maple and you must stay here... But I'll be back soon!

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