Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Brandon loves my Chocolate chip cookies so I'm taking some to Fort Benning with us this weekend! Of course, I'm also taking some of those Frosted sugar cookies he loves from Lowe's foods too, but today I'm baking chewy Chocolate chip cookies for Brandon!

While ordering a bunch of the Pop-up books from Amazon last week recommended by The Pioneer Woman, I also ordered a New beater blade for my Kitchenaid. There's nothing wrong with the beater blade that came with my beautiful Mixer, but this new one is advertised to Scrape the sides of the bowl as it mixes, which if it works, would be Great!    

There it is!
The hardest part of Ordering this paddle was knowing what size Bowl my
mixer has. I couldn't remember, and calling home to ask William to pour water
into it and tell me how much he Poured into it would have been more Trouble than it
was worth (or than I was willing to Endure) so I just Googled Kitchenaid 1994, 75th anniversary
edition Kitchenaid and there it was... Now I know I own a Five-quart bowl Kitchenaid mixer!
The new Blade does hug the Sides of my bowl!
And, I do Love the Pink!
Here goes...
Look! It's scraping the sides as it Mixes - Wow!
I give this new Scraper-paddle an A+ for effort! The fact that it's also Pink and
some of what I paid for it Benefits the Susan G. Komen foundation is even better!  
I'm using White and semi-Sweet Chocolate chips for Brandon's
cookies... Because the more Ghiradelli  the better!
Ready to Chill! The recipe says 2 hours or Overnight so I'll
bake some Tonight and finish the rest tomorrow After work

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