Sunday, March 8, 2009

A long Ride to do nothing...

Remember on Friday when I said we had No plans for this weekend? Well, that turned out to be Only 1/2 true... It was true until we found that piece of Paper in my tote bag where I wrote down the Details about an antique show in Floyd, Virginia happening today. The advice about the show came from a Dealer we met at the antique Extravaganza in Charlotte a few weeks ago. Boy, oh boy, was she some Saleswoman! She rambled and raved about what a great, Big show this was going to be and how she had a Shop in Floyd and how there were many Interesting shops like it we just Had to see! 

May I just say, to Nanette Johnson, HA, HA! Floyd, Virginia is about an hour and 45 minutes away. Two hours when you miss the turn in Hillsville. Like we did. But eventually, we did find the Floyd high school where this great, Big show, oh! and auction was held. And, we found Nanette too! Again, I say to her, HA!

What we found was a tiny Handful of tables set up in the Gym and even less things being Offered for sale. Admission was $1, which was the same Price of the hot dogs served with homemade crock-pot chili. No thank you, thank you. 

We were at the Floyd antique show all of ten Minutes, and that included a trip to the restrooms!

Floyd, Virginia. Hint... Don't blink!
Of course, we had to stop to read the Historical
markers in front of the Courthouse
This was the most Exciting thing we found
at the Floyd antique show at the Floyd High School
It's a 2009 Wildfire and it gets 70 miles to
the Gallon... and for $6,500 it can be yours!
Not ones to Waste a two hour drive, we set out to Find whatever shops might be open
on Sunday, in and around Floyd, VA. First stop was Chick's where we found this odd little
oddity. Definitely something you don't see every day. Don't worry... It was empty. I asked!
That was about it for Floyd so we drove into Chistianburg, VA where
we found some other shops to Wander through. Like this one... Where
sometimes the Display cases are as Interesting as the things they hold
Just outside of Radford, VA we found this shop and I liked it very
much! Stuben, Tiffany, Heisey... all our Friends were there today!
In every shop we Visited today I found these Bunnykin sets like the ones
I bought at Macy*s for the Boys when they were baptized. Just the plates
were Marked $36 - bowls were more and Cups a little less. Who knew?
WWII banner Welcoming soldiers home . Only $65
Nice but not what I'm looking for...
this is the place if you're a Collector of plastic horses!
What do you think of this Music cabinet? You know I've been looking for one of my own
ever since I saw one being used for dining room storage at the Home of a hostess that threw
a baby shower for a Woman I work with. Any way, this one is even Nicer! It has a beautiful Brass
inlay on the doors, sides and on the Top. It's also Carved along the bottom, the Feet are too cute and
the Shop keeper there said he rarely sees them in this lovely Rosewood veneer. So... do you Like it?   
Oh! I'm glad because I think it Looks
Fantastic in My dining room! 
All of the shelves are Adjustable so I'll be able to store my tall vases,
cake stands and even my Flatware chest and serving utensils in it - Perfect!
I can't remember where the Shop was where I found these and I normally
don't buy anything Silver or silver plated, but I couldn't pass up this little Gorham
Revere bowl and monogrammed tray. See the Brass inlay on the top of my cabinet?   
as much as I'd love to begin Piddling through my things right Now,
I better stop and throw a little Dinner together - we are Starving!
I already can't Wait to get home from work every day, but now that I have
this new Piece of furniture and all these things I want to Stage, put away and
Organize in it, it'll be even more Difficult to get through work tomorrow!

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