Sunday, March 8, 2009

My very own Pioneer Woman moment...

You already know that I follow The Pioneer Woman's blog... I enjoy her Recipes very much but I especially love the photos she shares with her readers of her Oklahoma ranch, and the Cattle and Horses she has there. 

I also love Virginia horse country, which fortunately for me isn't very far away so I get to see things like this whenever I need to:

I sure wish that little Cabin was in my backyard!
Look at that!
They're Looking at me like I'm supposed to have dinner for them!
Oh! Look over here... This little one found his Dinner
is there anything Sweeter than a baby horse? I think not!
Look at that sweet little tail and the White dot on his forehead
what a Tremendously beautiful horse farm!
Every time I meet a horse I think about how much I'd love to have
one... Then I look around and I'm reminded how much Work and the
commitment these Majestic animals require to be Healthy and this
beautiful and I know I'm better suited to Visiting and taking photos!
Adorable! The woman feeding the horses told us this
little Creature is just 2 days old. He's all Legs...
Welcome to the Planet little one!

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  1. What I wouldnt give for a horse and a picket fence! Beautiful pictures.


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