Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Weekend!

It's Finally here!

The weekend... Ah! And, what's better than that, we have NO plans and the Weather is supposed to be Very cooperative. I'm talking, sit out on the deck, possibly under the Umbrella and let my toes hang out for a suntan, kind of cooperative! Seriously, the weather guy said this morning that we might see 80 degrees here both Saturday and Sunday. I cannot tell you how Happy this makes me. It almost makes up for the Hour we're losing Sunday morning. Almost.

So... I'm off to the Market now for all the ingredients I'll need to duplicate some Yummy-looking recipes featured this week on a few of my Favorite blogs.

First, for dinner this Evening, I'm making Pioneer Woman's ginger steak salad and for dinner tomorrow, I'm doing SGCC's stuffed peppers! The man I adore Loves stuffed peppers and he especially favors the Red pepper so this will be a Treat for him... Provided I do as well as Susan did with her peppers! She was kind enough to answer a Dumb question I had after I read her recipe, so I think I'll be okay now.

Oh!! And, because it's been Far too long, I'm baking a loaf of that Fantastic no-Knead bread we all love so much.

I bought two tri-Pods for my camera last week. One is a tiny desk-top model and the other is the larger, stand-on-the-floor kind, so I'm eager to play with those too!

See you in-the-Kitchen-&-on-the-Deck this Weekend!

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