Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cookies and dinner

I cannot get over how Cute this little bunny is. You know I'm going
to have to Let him out... He keeps staring at me and he knows I can!
Made the first of the Cookies for Brandon just before dinner...
I'm just going to make 12 tonight and the Remainder tomorrow...
Brandon's gonna Love them!
Yesterday at Costco we picked up Martha Stewart's chili, and let me tell you... It is
truly Fantastic! Honestly, the meat is Meat, not crummy hamburger; it's more like Steak or
a nice pot Roast. There is just the right amount of Beans and the base is rich and smells like there's
some Red wine in there somewhere... T says he didn't smell red Wine but I do. Honestly, this was the
best chili we've ever tasted. I dressed it with sour cream, Grated cheese and white Onion. Yum!

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