Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bizzare end to my Day!

From the files of, Off in my own little World and the Land of, Ya just Never know...

While I was away from my Happy little neighborhood today enjoying another Fabulous day of making and watching things Happen at work... And, then, while I was relaxing in a Vibrating lounger, daydreaming about just how Great it's going to be to see Brandon in a couple of days while my Toes got the royal French pedicure treatment, our Neighbor across the street was in Crisis. And, while I was shopping for more Cupcake Pop supplies on my way Home, someone was discovering his body and Calling 911. You just never know. Do you?

I intended to post this Photo of everything required to make These because my friend, MC told me she just has to see exactly what I bought so she can buy Exactly the same stuff to Follow me in this Cupcake Pop experiment I have planned next weekend, and I guess I can still do that but...
It's a little Difficult to talk about Cupcake Pops and how excited I am to make them after coming home with my Cupcake Pop supplies and finding that our neighbor had just killed himself. So while I want to tell MC that what she sees above is everything We need to make Cupcake Pops, except for a Foam block and that I'm going to Williams-Sonoma tomorrow to pick up another set of Decorative Cutters because I want to have an assortment of sizes to experiment with, I just can't get this Scene from my front door out of my head... How sad I think it is that our Street is lined tonight with all these Grief-stricken people. All these people who can't seem to Rush up to the house fast enough to show the others already here how much they care. All these people our Lovely neighbor inspired to feel so deeply about him, and yet he Obviously didn't have a clue about how much they cared... Because if he did, I have to believe he would have reached out to Talk about what was so terribly wrong, instead of ending this precious Gift he'd been given called Life.

When I look over at his house tonight, I immediately notice the Bales of pine needles under the trees in front of the living room window... When he put those trees in, T said it was to screen his view into my Bathroom where I'm always forgetting to close the binds before I get undressed. So now I'm left wondering who will untie the pine needles and spread them out. I know it's silly but to me those new bales of Pine needles represent what was Surely an unfinished life.

How could he give up? It's Spring for goodness sake... the Season that screams New beginnings and yet he's ended it all before the leaves had a chance to get back on the Trees in his front yard and mine... Tomorrow the sun will Rise and the birds will sing and his Dogs will have to pee but he won't be here to see the Sun or hear the birds and someone else will have to Let the dogs out and explain to them why they can't Live here any more.

Things like this have Such a way of Slowing us down, reminding us that even together-Looking people can be fragile and that what you Think you know you may not know at all.

Look at me! I thought the man I passed on this quiet little road and exchanged a Wave with at Least once a day must really be Loving his life... He had a Big house, was retired with Two adult children that came by to visit regularly, he had a Lady in his life, owned a business, was in Good health, had a Couple of dogs and a cat and all day to enjoy this Beautiful area where we live. And yet, behind all of that, we Learn he was a man desperately Upset about the economy, the state of the Slowing business he owned and other shrinking investments. Goes to show... You just never know.

What I do know is that I'm going to do my best to Enjoy waking up to the birds tomorrow morning Despite this horrible choice my neighbor made tonight... I am going to Continue to gather up T's beautiful tulips and Daffodils from the gardens, take in every new spring Blossom and leaf as it comes shooting out from all around me on these Beautiful two aceas of heaven. And, this summer, I'm going to Swim in my pool and walk in the Lush, green grass barefoot, pick Basil and juicy tomatoes from our Garden and continue to Enjoy everything I moved 3,318 miles to find right here on this Quiet little road. Despite the choice he made tonight...

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