Sunday, March 15, 2009

Maple-Boost bacon!

I cannot remember which day Last week it was but in one of last Week's episodes of The Barefoot Contessa I recorded, Ina made Bacon she baked in the oven after she brushed it with Maple syrup. It looked amazing so I couldn't wait to try it. At the market last night I picked up everything I needed to make an amazing Breakfast this morning. Unfortunately, we Slept right through all the hours of the morning one might Consider a meal breakfast so this was Technically a lunch experiment! That silence you hear is, NO ONE COMPLAINING!

I started with a good Maple flavored bacon but Next time I think
I'll do this with a good Butcher's bacon from the meat counter
I love Real maple syrup. I bake with it. I Cook with it... I love it!
This is the Perfect use for my Silicon brush from Pampered Chef!
450 degrees for 20 minutes should do it!
I really need to find a Rack I can put into the oven like Ina does
because Using one, I think, will allow the Bacon to cook more evenly
Just one more Look... Say it with me, Yummy!
A rack like Ina uses is a Must so I'll be shopping for one this week! I do have
one but it doesn't Fit in this new oven of mine. It fit fine in my Oven in California
but I'm not in California any more so I need a North Carolina oven-sized Rack!
This bacon was Amazing! And, it didn't take long for the Verdict to come in from
the man I served this plate in Bed either... He LOVED my Maple-boosted bacon!

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